Thursday, May 26, 2016

US Olympic Cycling team Train Using Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses, wearables, eyewear

Smart Glasses, wearables, eyewear

The US Olympic Cycling team are training using smart glasses by Solos. With the help of the U.S. Cycling Team, Solos created augmented reality glasses that gives the cyclists vital data like speed, cadence (in revolutions per minute), heart rate during the ride, these information is important for athletes who wants to push themselves harder.

The glasses also flash on the lens display other information like calories, distance and elevation. The device brings biking experiences to a whole new level.

“The idea behind the smart eye-wear is to be able to give real-time feedback to the athlete via optical and display system mounted in front of the eye-wear, as well as through a stereo system of speakers, which will provide audio feedback to the user,” Ernesto Martinez, Solos’ Program Director and MIT PhD, had said at Las Vegas’ CES 2016. “In this case, the cyclist, as they’re performing, training, they’ll be able to hear and see real-time the data they’re generating”, he added.

Solos smart glasses has 6 hours battery life, and is made from military grade thermoplastic-polyamide nylon blend. Meaning, it's really durable and light weight. The device is designed with aerodynamics so it has minimal wind resistance.

It is equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors for operation in conjunction with other wearables. It can communicate with cycling apps like MapMyRide, Strava and TrainingPeaks.

Solos smart glasses launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the product to ordinary cyclists like me.

As of the moment you can pledge just $250 to get one Smart Glasses as soon as they ship in October.

Other sports Smart Glasses available on the market:
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Bike Theft Security System That Goes Kaboom!

Bike Theft Security System, Bike Mine

Bike Theft Security System, Bike Mine
Bike chains and locks don't do much against bike thieves it just slows them down. Here's a bike security system that will scare them away. It's called Bike Mine, the world's loudest alarm and the ultimate deterrent against theft of your bicycle.

Bike Mine is a miniature bomb that you strap to your bike that will go off the second someone try to steal it. No, it will not blow up the thief together with your bike but it will give you a loud explosive sound (around 150 decibels) that will scare the crap out of the would-be thief. It uses the same kind of blanks that are commonly used in ceremonial salutes or to scare away nuisance birds.

The kit includes three “cartridges”, which are basically small shotgun shells with the pyrotechnics fully encased (without any projectiles), the mounting bracket and the trip wire.

This gonna be fun!

Creator Yannick Read is running a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture the Bike Mine.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bristol's Naked Bike Ride 2016

Bristol Naked Bike Ride 2015, nude bike ride
The World Naked Bike Ride will take place again in Bristol this June dubbed as "harmless fun". Bristol will witness again naked people on their bikes for a cause as part of the World Naked Bike Ride.

The ride will take place on Saturday, June 4 from The Full Moon pub in Stokes Croft at 11am. The ride will probably start at noon and it will be 7 mile cycle around the city. Everyone is invited to the event.

Organizers said that the event is for "celebrating bikes in a fun, visible way and showing how exposed and vulnerable riders in Bristol feel. We want a less car and oil centric society.

Bristol was the European Green Capital in 2015 and yet air pollution causes over 120 deaths here each year. We must be more ambitious about escaping car culture's grip and freeing our streets for use by everybody.

Non-sexual public nudity is legal in England. We are not trying to cause alarm or distress. Feel free to look the other way."

Last years event was largely successful with hundreds of nude riders joining the event check out pictures and video below:

Bristol World Naked Bike Ride 2015
Bristol World Naked Bike Ride 2015
Bristol World Naked Bike Ride 2015
Bristol World Naked Bike Ride 2015


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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

British Cycling Director Shane Sutton Suspended Over Discrimination Claims

Jess Varnish
Jess Varnish

Jess Varnish
Jess Varnish

Jess Varnish
Jess Varnish

Shane Sutton
Shane Sutton

Shane Sutton, British Cycling’s technical director has been suspended following allegations of discrimination by rider Jess Varnish. The governing body said they will have an independent review of its performance programs and will launch an internal investigation about allegations of bullying, sexism and derogatory remarks regarding para-cyclists.

Jess Varnish who is a former European champion in the team sprint was removed from the British Cycling performance squad when she was not able to qualify for the Rio Olympics at this year's world championships in London. Varnish accused British Cycling's technical director Sutton of making sexist remarks against her.

In a statement on Tuesday, Varnish claimed other people had experienced similar behavior and said "a culture of fear" existed at British Cycling.

Her claims were backed by Victoria Pendleton describing British Cycling has a “bullying, suffocating culture.”
Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton

Nicole Cooke, another former Olympic champion, also voiced her support for Varnish, as did Wendy Houvenaghel, the retired Northern Irish rider describing Sutton as a “narcissistic little bully”.

The British Cycling said it would set up an independent review and that it was "fully committed to the principles and active promotion of equality of opportunity and we must take any such allegations seriously".

"Following the announcement of an independent review into British Cycling’s performance programs, we are also announcing technical director Shane Sutton has been suspended pending an internal investigation into the allegations of discrimination that have been reported in the press", the body added.

New allegation reported Daily Mail said that, Sutton had referred to para-cyclists as “gimps” and “wobblies”.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Byron Bay Naked Bike Ride

Byron Bay Naked Bike Ride, nude cyclist

Check out the video posted on Byron Bay Facebook page about cyclist leisurely pedaling around town completely naked. The naked bike ride took place last March 12 in Byron Bay, New South Wales, to raise awareness for cycling safety.

"Traffic Jam Byron Style - Naked Bike Ride Byron Bay", says the caption on their FB page! Well this is the only time drivers will pay attention to cyclist, since most of the time they ignore cyclists on the road. Splashing mud, side-swiping and hitting them.  Not all of them are riding on a bike though, you can also see a man completely nude riding a skateboard. 

You can check out the video showing the cyclists baring their all below.

Traffic Jam Byron Style - Naked Bike Ride Byron Bay... Repost By @boardshop_australia: "Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay to raise awareness. Watch out for cyclists! Share the road! #boardshopaustralia #byronbay #nakedbikeride #bicycle #bicycles #visitbyron
Posted by Byron Bay on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Belgian Cyclist Antoine Demoitie Killed by Motorbike During Race

Belgian Cyclist Antoine Demoitie, cycling accident,

Belgian cyclist Antoine Demoitie was killed last Sunday in an accident, he fell during the Gent-Wevelgem race in Belgium and then was struck by a race escort motorbike.

The 25 year old member of Belgium's Wanty-Gobert team fell 90 miles into the race along with 3 other cyclists. A passing motorbike hit him while he was on the ground. He was rushed to Ypres hospital and then transferred to an intensive care unit at Lille where he died as a result of complications in his injuries.

Because of this tragic incident, the Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA) is calling for an urgent investigation into his death.

"The CPA and all the riders demand that light is shed on the accident immediately and the circumstances that caused it," the association said in a statement on Monday.

CPA president Gianni Bugno, who won the world road race title in 1991 and 1992, said it was a time of "sadness and sorrow".

"We do not want to make controversy but we have so much frustration inside," added the Italian. "We have always stated that the safety of the riders must come first.

"I do not want to accuse anyone but make everyone reflect on the responsibility we have to ensure that a very high level of attention and awareness is maintained plus control over safety standards during each race," Bugno said.


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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Exploding Bike Saddle To Thwart Bike Thieves

This is new cool but a little bit extreme way to stop bike thieves. A prankster named TwinzTV made a YouTube video of supposedly thieves stealing rigged bikes that have exploding saddle to stop these bike thieves. This is a nasty way to get back at these thieves. Sorry bike thieves, you won't be having kids from this point forward.