Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buzzfeed Blogger Jane Seo Caught Cheating in Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon

Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater

Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater

Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater

Buzzfeed and HuffingtonPost Food and lifestyle blogger Jane Seo finished second-place in the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon last weekend with a time of 1 hour 21 minutes. She hit 6:15-per-mile pace. She was seen parading around the finish line grinning and gripping with her medal.

Unfortunately, for her a part-time marathon watchdog blogger Derek Murphy was on her and busted her for cheating, she cut 1.5 miles off her course while securing her 1:21:46 finish. Not only did she cut the course, she covered her tracks on a bike later that afternoon to throw off her GPS tracker.

Seo has now been disqualified for cutting the course, after being busted. You can find a long post on detailing her lies. She later posted a four-paragraph apology to her 34,400 Instagram followers.

“I made a HORRIBLE choice .. what an idiot I was!” she wrote in a post that's since been taken down. “I am extremely ashamed … I am so sorry everyone.”
Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater
Derek Murphy even showed photos taken right after the race, in which Seo watch displayed a covered distance of 11.65 miles, the course was a full two miles longer. When he checked her mile splits, he found that she ran the first 10 kilometers at a pace of 7:09 per mile; her speed increased on the back half, lowering her minute-mile pace to 5:25 on the back 11 kilometers.

Murphy then discovered that she had manually entered her splits on Strava (a website for runners looking to track their runs via GPS and post their maps and times) directly after the race. Seo went back and made another entry the same afternoon, this one linked to GPS, showing that she had run the entire course. However, upon reviewing her pace and heart rate, Murphy saw that her cadence better matched that of a bike rider than a runner.

Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater
Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater
Jane Seo huffingtonpost, Jane Seo Buzzfeed, Jane Seo cheater
Jane Seo Article on Buzzfeed

Her Twitter account has been suspended but you can still view the webcached here.
Her janeseo14 instagram cannot can no longer be accessed webcached here.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Buy A Used Bike?

 used bikes, second hand bikes

If you're short on cash and wanted to buy a great bike then the only option is to buy used bikes. Unfortunately, in the second hand market there are a lot of bikes that needs fixing so instead of saving money you'll end up shelling out more. Check out the video above as ex-Professional cyclist Simon Richardson discuss what to look out for when buying a second hand bike.

He also said to have a check list of the following components:

Frame & Forks - this is the most valuable part of the bike. It should not be bent, cracked, or dented. It should not be rusted, look for bubbling in the paint it a sign of corrosion. If it's a carbon bike watch out for those cracks.

Headset - check if it has a loose headset by squeezing the breaks then rock the bike backwards and forwards, if you hear a knocking noise then it may have a loose headset. It's easy to fix and cheap to replace but it's a sign that the owner didn't maintain it very well.

Wheels - make sure that it runs straight by spinning it. Check spoke tensions, they should be tight. Check out the rim breaking surface, it should be flat if it's concave then it may suggest that it is already worn out. This could be really expensive to replace.  

Wheel Bearings - grab the tires the move the wheel from side to side if there are any play and knocking it may suggest that the wheel bearings are worn out.

Tyres - inspect the tires, watch out for cuts and holes.

Driverain - check out for worn out chains, chainrings, and cassette.    

Derailleurs - check by changing gears also check for the gear cables.

Cranks - move side to side, if there's a play then it may be worn out.

Brakes - squeeze the calipers it should move easily and should spring back easily.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cargo Bikes, Great for Family or Hauling Stuff

Cargo Bikes, cycling, cargo cycle
Cargo Bikes, cycling, cargo cycle

If you're a family man or in need for a utility vehicle for trade or business and you want to be environmental friendly then Cargo bikes is a great and fun way to travel. It is ideal for traveling short distance instead of using your car in your everyday local trips throughout the city. You can travel with your family with it or use the space for shopping bags.

It's great if you live in a city where traffic and parking is a mess, you can just drop the kids off at nursery and head to your favorite mall. It is great for moving and hauling stuff that you need in your everyday life without any problem. You can even deliver beer kegs with it.

Cargo Bikes, cycling, cargo cycle
Here's a good tip, if you will buy one and you will need to carry heavy loads go for those electric assist cargo bike like Yuba cargo bikes you'll need those extra push for those extra loads, steep hills or longer travel distance.

Happy cycling!

Cargo Bikes, cycling, cargo cycle

Cargo Bikes, cycling, cargo cycle