Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NYC launches bike share program, largest in nation

bike share program, NYC

"The privately funded Citi Bike bike-share program will launch with 6,000 bikes at 330 docking stations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Officials hope to expand to 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Riders now can unlock the three-gear, cruising-style bikes from any station, take them for 45-minute rides and return them to any rack." - AP

That's huge, it will be a great help not only for the people living in those communities but it will also be great for the tourists visiting those areas.

"The nation's biggest bicycle-sharing program got rolling Monday, as thousands of New Yorkers got their first chance to ride a network billed as a new form of public transit in a city known for it.

Suraf Asgedom pedaled along a lower Manhattan street on one of the royal-blue, quick-rental bikes, headed for a gourmet supermarket that's usually a 25-minute walk from his apartment. The medical executive doesn't own a bicycle because it's a hassle to haul one downstairs, find a place to lock it up on the street and worry about it, he said."

Hell no! Suraf would rather walk for 25 minutes than to haul his own bike from his apartment down to the streets! I really can't see his logic, he should just said that I'm a "cheapskate" and I don't want to buy a bike.  

"Some residents are incensed about the bike stations, saying the racks block entrances to their buildings or take up park space for a profit-making program. The city intends to split any proceeds with NYC Bike Share LLC, a company running the program. Citigroup is paying $41 million to sponsor it. MasterCard is paying an additional $6.5 million.

"We're not against the bikes — we're against them in our park," said Lora Tenenbaum, one of the sign-carrying critics who came to Bloomberg's news conference. They want a bike station in Petrosino Square, a small park, to be shifted to a sidewalk across the street.

Some racks have been shortened or moved, including one in front of a Greenwich Village apartment house where owners sued the city over it. Some of the rack was removed last week to create a gap in front of the main door.

Still, resident Deborah Stone worries that the remaining bike rack could make it difficult for emergency vehicles to pull over near the building."

Some people will never be satisfied....


Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Amgen Tour of California Final Stage 8 Highlights

2013 Amgen Tour of California,tejay van Garderen

Check out the highlights of Amgen Tour of California 2013 Final Stage 8. From San Francisco to Santa Rosa.

The Amgen Tour ended Sunday in downtown Santa Rosa and the battle for the green jersey was won by Slovakia's Peter Sagan. However, Tejay van Garderen BMC Racing Team takes home the overall prize.

Peter Sagan sprinted out of the tunnel in the final half-mile to win the 80.7-mile final stage in 3 hours, 4 minutes, 7 seconds.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amgen Tour Of California Stage Two winner: Janier Acevedo

Janier Acevedo,Amgen Tour

Stage two was the longest at 199.7kms that stretches from Murrieta to Greater Palm Springs and have no time bonuses for the winner and with a blazing heat of 115-degrees. Janier Acevedo worked his way to win the second stage of the eight-day Amgen Tour of California on Monday.

The 27 year old Acevedo's win is no surprise he already won at San Dimas, and won a stage in the January Tour of the Gila. He has a lot of altitude training in Colombia his hometown.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pacific Men's Exploit Mountain Bike

Pacific Men's Exploit Mountain Bike,mountain bike,cheap bike,bargain bike

If you are looking for a bargain bike that you can use to get you from point A to point B, I would suggest this bike for you. It gives you a comfortable ride and has an acceptable traction.

The bike has a steel mountain tube frame that looks tough, but also feels heavy. The handling was responsive and it has a good stability. The crank also offers a wide gear range. The Vortex front cross-country suspension fork works great specially for bumby roads and rough terrains. The 18-speed Torque drive twist shifters and rear derailleur is really good for changing gears, it is efficient.

I would suggest to change the seat for a more comfortable one. And please take note this is a cheap bike with cheap parts so expect that you will need to fix some parts more often.

If you are interested it's available on Amazon:
Pacific Men's Exploit Mountain Bike, Blue, Medium