Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deaf Man cycling for charity hit by a semi-truck

Deaf Man cycling, accident, cycling

ABC News reports that Jacob Landis from Maryland has been riding his bike to all 30 Major League Baseball's stadium this summer for charity. He is raising money for children with hearing loss who are otherwise unable to afford a special implant. On Saturday night, he was stuck by a tractor trailer.

"Yesterday, with less than four miles to go to the hotel, I was struck by a tractor trailer's mirror," said Landis in a statement on Sunday. "I don't remember anything that happened, until I woke up at the hospital."

A witness said that Jacob was hit by the mirror of a semi in rural Florida. The truck failed to stop and investigators believe the driver may not have even known about the accident. Landis suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose, two small cheekbone fractures and a chipped tooth. His cousin has accompanied him on the trip.

Landis was transported to Florida Hospital Heartland in Sebring by ambulance.

The 24-year-old Landis has covered more than 10,000 miles riding his bike since April 3 and has already visited 29 of the 30 MLB stadiums. Landis been advised not to ride his bike following the accident, but he still plans on attending his final scheduled game Tuesday night, when the Phillies visit the Marlins.

"I just want to thank everyone for their kind words through my Facebook account and special thanks to all of my supporters who made this ride possible," added Landis.

Landis was born with normal hearing but was deaf by age 10. He received a special implant that allowed his hearing to be fully functional. His goal was to raise $1 million with the summer-long bike ride.

You can check out Landis' ride and charity work at his Jacob's Ride Facebook page.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Worcester Woman’s Topless Bike Ride Raises Questions About Laws

Stacy Schnee,topless,naked,go topless,nudity,bike,nude

Stacy Schnee,topless,naked,go topless,nudity,bike,nude

WORCESTER (CBS) — Stacy Schnee want to ride her bicycle topless and this has raised questions about the clarity of some state and local laws. She is a member of a group called “Topless Equality,” which advocates for women to be able to go topless, like men.

She used to live as a man. Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported that the 38-year-old mother of two had gender reassignment surgery in June 2011 and breast augmentation last year.

Before, Schnee has gone topless at her home but it seems no body cares and didn't pay her any attention, on Thursday however around 4 p.m., she decided to take a bike ride to Leicester.

The ride tied up traffic as people slowed down alongside Schnee.

“She is out there riding around, appearing to be topless and exposing herself for the shock value,” Leicester Police Chief James Hurley said.

At the time, Schnee was wearing “pasties” to cover a portion of her breasts.

Now, police and the district attorney’s office are trying to decide whether charges should be filed.

“Based upon a review of the law, it is unclear whether her partially covering herself up, puts her on the right side of the law,” Hurley said.

Massachusetts General Laws imply if only a small part of the breast is covered, it should be considered nudity. Other sections of the law state a breast is uncovered if there is no covering “below a point immediately above the top of the areolae.”

Other sections of the law mention the intent to shock is to be considered illegal as well.

Schnee says she doesn’t see any problems.

“When I was riding around, I was wearing pasties,” Schnee said. “The police talked to me for like 10 minutes and the whole time I was standing there waving at the people driving by.”

Topless Equality promotes equality for men and women when it comes to exposing their chest area.

The group says it is working toward changing laws but also clarifying the laws already on the books.

Bike Shops are Struggling Due Citi Bike Share Program

Bike Shops, Citi Bike Share Program

Cyclists are happy about the new Citi Bike sharing system, unfortunately however, city bike shop owners say that the program is one of the reason they are struggling to draw in customers and keep business going.

"It has decreased our rentals and our sales of commuter and low-end hybrid bikes, probably by about 50 percent," said Echelon Bikes owner Daniel DeNigris.

"Citi Bike being right down the block this way, really like 500 feet away, and then up in Madison Square Park, it's kind of crushed really a bunch of my business," said Zen Bikes owner Josh Keoshgerian.

Keoshgerian says his shop and others were a big part of pushing the city to build infrastructure like bike lanes to make the city cycling friendly.

However, he's also selling fewer less-expensive bikes, his repair businesses is down 30 percent and his rental business has been decimated.

"People might have come in and rented a bike, see what we were about, rented a bike that we sold, and we often used to sell off of these bikes, because it's a very popular model. People would rent it and then be like, 'How much is this bike?' and, 'It rides so great.' So, that's gone," Keoshgerian said.

Sid's Bikes in Chelsea is having a positive results, according to them the interest in Citi Bike has resulted to an increase in business.

"Showing people that it is kind of safe to ride in the city and then they say, 'I can branch out and get my own bike maybe and ride around," said Sid's Bikes Assistant Manager Jon Tumas.

One aspect of the business that appears to be booming for every bike shop is accessories, particularly helmets.

"We have definitely sold more helmets," DeNigris said.

"Our helmet sales have more than doubled with the Citi Bikes being introduced, especially with the Citi Bike coupon. It's having people, you know, they save a little bit of money, $10 on a helmet," Tumas said.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shimano 26" Folding Mountain Bicycle

Shimano, Folding Mountain Bicycle, bikes
Shimano, Folding Mountain Bicycle, bikes

Folding Mountain Bicycle is a thing of beauty, it is easy to store and easy to carry. You can just take it anywhere you go. Check out the new 26" Folding Shimano Mountain Bike which is equipped with a 6 Speed Shimano TZ-50 Rear Derailleur, this bike offers trail-ready features and everyday riding appeal that gives you a smooth, comfortable ride wherever you go.

It is built with tough steel for durability and reliability. It has adjustable handlebar and seat post for comfortable riding styles. It can also be folded easily.

26" Folding Mountain Bicycle, 6 Speed - Black. It can fit in most compact car's rear trunk. Recommended for rider's height 5'3"-6'0". It can support a rider with a max weight up to 200 lbs.

- Color: Black
- Frame: Steel 3 pcs crank, 50.8x28.6x50.8mm, tig, head tube: 30x120mm
- Tire: 26" x 1.95"
- Rear Derailleur: RD:TZ-50 6S (Shimano)
- Derailleur Shift : Right: SL-RS35-6R 6S Index Left: nil (Shimano)
- Freewheel: 1/2"x 3/32"x 14 - 28T, 6 piece index (Shimano)
- Fork: 26" Suspension fork, 1-1/8" WIDE: 102mm - OD: 27mm ID: 22.2x 152mm
- Stem: Folding 3PCS EXT:100 25 degree 22.2x150,with safe line T=1.4
- Rim: Alloy, 14Gx36H, Size: 26"x1.5" AV, T=1.2
- Chain Wheel: 1/2"x3/32", 28x38x48Tx170mm
- Chain: L: 1/2" x 3/32" x 100L
- Handle Bar: 22.2mm, W: 580mm, H:30 straight T=1.2
- Handle Stem: 22.2mm, L: 150 EXT: 100, T=1.4
- Brake: Alloy V brake F: 90 degree , R:110 brake calbe sheath ,brake 55
- Brake Levers: 3 Finger Type
- Brake Cable: F: 460x800mm, R: 480x410x1500mm
- Front Hub: 14G x 36H x 3/8", 100x140mm
- Rear Hub: 14G x 36H x 3/8", 126x165mm
- Pedals: 9/16" with ball
- Saddle: PVC fake leather
- Seat Post: 25.4 x 250mm, T=1.2
- Kickstand: Side kickstand
- Weight: 36 lbs

It is only $184.95 on Amazon. You can check it out HERE

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Basic Bike Tool Kit for Bicycle Maintenance

Check out another great video from Global Cycling Network on the basic bike tool kit that you will need to maintain your bicycle.

Good tool kit is a must for bike owners to be able to repair, maintain, and take care of your bike. In the video Daniel goes through the basic tools you'll need to keep your bike in good working condition.

Here are the full list he covered:

Track pump
Good set of allen keys
Puncture repair kit
Chain tool
Good quality cable cutters
Torque wrench
Screwdriver (normally phillips head)
Spoke key
15mm pedal spanner