Monday, March 31, 2014

Glow in the dark Bikes

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Riding your bicycle in the dark is very dangerous, a vehicle may fail to notice you and hit you while on the road that can result to devastating injuries or even death. This is why a San Francisco-based studio Mission Bicycle Company has designed a bicycle which lights up in the dark. This could be the new trend in road cycling.

Lumen which is a patented design that has reflective particles embedded in its steel frame. When there is light, the color is iridescent grey. At dark, the bike frame reflects light, that gives the cyclist extra visibility to city traffic since it is visible from over 300 meters away.

You don't need any batteries and you don't have to turn it on or off. The makers inspiration for designing the glowing bike is from reflective street signs. They collaborated with Halo Coatings to come up with a state-of-the-art technology that allows reflective particles to be applied on 3D structures.

Mission Bicycle guarantees that the Lumen bicycle will glow for 50 years. Shipping is expected to begin this July.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Odd Halfbike

halfbike, onewheel bike, bike, one-wheel bike

halfbike, onewheel bike, bike, one-wheel bike

This bike is pretty interesting ang it's quite unusual. A newly invented odd halfbike that is said to make cycling in city streets easier and more practical eventhough you have to steer through a pole. The halfbike is steered using a central pole, it is equipped with a large wheel and two small stabiliser wheels.

The inventors said that the bike is easy to carry since it is small and you can combine both running and cycling. 

Martin Angelov, the inventor of the halfbike said, "I started sketching different concepts for a simplified bike and soon reached a point where I needed to test these concepts in real life." "For some of the early prototypes I used old bicycles and parts I found at the attic. I was amazed how well people reacted to the idea and that made me want to keep up."

Based on what I've watched on the video, it seems hard to steer but really good for working-out. If we can just place a small motor that can assist pedaling, it will be great for daily commute since it is small and easy to carry. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Northern Ireland minister promised "cycling revolution"

cycling in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, cycling revolution

Good news for Northern Ireland cyclists, it seems that their government is serious in improving cycling safety on their roads. Danny Kennedy who is Stormont’s minister for regional development promised a "cycling revolution" for Northern Ireland after a visit to Scandinavia to check at the cycling capitals of Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden.

In an interview by BBC he said, "We need to create an environment which invites people to walk and cycle as much as possible. That is my vision for Northern Ireland and I am committed to making it happen."

"It has been very impressive to see at first hand how 'normal' cycling is for the majority of the populations in these cities."

Northern Ireland will be the host of the first three stages of the Giro d'Italia that will took place in May.