Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

May each day of the coming year be vibrant and new bringing along many reasons for celebrations. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have a Blessed Christmas

Have a Blessed Christmas

As Christmas began in the heart of God Let us complete that love by extending our hearts to others.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Locust Folding Bike Design

Locust Folding Bike Design

Locust Folding Bike Design

Locust Folding Bike Design

Now this is a Folding Bike! On the designer website it said that the major goal of the new design is to offer full-valuable bike with great ability to be folded, stored in small spaces (cases, car trunks etc..).

Main feature of the design is the circular frame. It allows unusual folding. Both wheels have overhung mounting. After releasing safety lock nuts wheels can be turned around relevant axis into the frame. Because of folding of the rear wheel momentum transfer from crankset to rear wheel must be divisible. Common chain system is replaced by belt system with outer toothing. Belt is mounted on two rollers. Both "chainwheel" and pinion have outer toothing as well. It altogether ensures right direction of turning and divisibility of the whole system.

In the rear hub there is internally geared hub, analog to Shimano Nexus system. Shifting is of the GripShift kind. Saddle can be folded by pressing down red safety lock, it releases saddle support to be turned back towards the frame. For folding the handlebars cyclist must first release revolving safety lock nut on the top of the head set. Then the handlebars can be moved back towards the frame. Bike is equipped with disc brake in the front and the clamshell brake at the back. Thus brakes don't block folding of the wheels.

This kind of bike will be welcomed by people in the "over-trafficed" cities, young people, students at the campuses. It can be use to good effect in large industrial facilities, airports, cities centers as a rent-bike. Another usage is "parasitic" means of transport. User can leave her/his car at the parking outside of the city center and then continue riding bike loaded in the trunk. Term "park and ride" will have a new meaning. Colouring works as a safety feature.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sad day

My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones in Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown, Connecticut


In one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States, at least 26 people, including 20 children, have been killed at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, about 60 miles northeast of New York on Friday.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School appeared to be the US’ second-deadliest school shooting, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, in which 32 people, including two Indians, were killed and 17 others wounded.

The gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, killed his mother at their home and then opened fire inside the school. The 20-year-old killer, carrying at least two handguns, committed suicide at the school, bringing the death toll to 28, authorities said.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012, end of the world, end of days

December 12, 2012 what will happen? or is it just another ordinary day?

A more significant date is December 21, 2012 which is the end of the Mayan calendar.  This will mark the end of the Piscean Age of secular materialism, and the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which will last for one thousand years. It is also prophesied in Revelation chapter 20 verses 1-3.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cycling performance enhancer rHuEPO ineffective, potentially harmful

hormone EPO

The hormone EPO is banned from sports as performance enhancing but there's no scientific basis to conclude it helps elite cyclists, according to a new review.

Erythropoietin or EPO is a hormone involved in generating red blood cells. In medicine, EPO is used to treat some forms of anemia.

The U.S. anti-doping agency claims record seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong used EPO and in 1998, two entire cycling teams at the gruelling Tour de France competition were taken out of the race on suspicion of its use.

The World Anti-Doping Agency defines doping as the misuse of certain techniques or substances to increase red blood cell mass, which allows the body to transport more oxygen to muscles and increase stamina and performance.

"The results of this literature search show there is no scientific basis to conclude recombinant human erythropoietin has performance enhancing properties in elite cyclists," Adam Cohen, a professor of clinical pharmacology at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden, The Netherlands, and his co-authors wrote in a review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

"The reported studies have many shortcomings regarding translation of the results to professional cycling endurance performance."

The review looked at studies on EPO's role in endurance performance and anti-inflammatory effects.

CBC News

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lance Armstrong could lose medal

LONDON (AP) - His seven Tour de France titles erased from cycling's record books, Lance Armstrong still holds claim to one piece of sports hardware - an Olympic medal.
But for how much longer?

The fate of Armstrong's medal will be addressed when the International Olympic Committee executive board meets next week in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Twelve years after Armstrong won bronze in the road time trial at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the IOC wants the medal back after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's report of widespread doping by Armstrong and some teammates during his seven Tour de France victories from 1999-2005.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and the feast,
It teaches us to find reasons to smile and bond with our loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Peugeot B1k Concept Bicycle

Peugeot B1k Concept Bicycle

Peugeot B1k Concept Bicycle

Peugeot B1k Concept Bicycle

Peugeot produces awesome automobiles, now they are also designing bicycles.

The Peugeot B1k Concept Bicycle is the latest, it is really fast with a range of next generation performance components. The seat is higher than the handlebars and it has no chains. The look and design is really cool, a very futuristic bike indeed.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

GB Cycling coach Sutton will recover completely

British Cycling, Shane Sutton, Bradley Wiggins

British Cycling head coach Shane Sutton 55, is expected recover fully and return to work shortly after his bike crash in Manchester and was hospitalised.

He was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain after colliding with a car on the A6 on Thursday.

British Cycling spokesman said: "Shane is making steady progress but is likely to remain in hospital for one more day under observation.

"He has fractured his cheek bone which will require surgery in due course."

The organisation said on Friday in a statement that Sutton is "expected to make a complete recovery and will be back in work shortly."

Sutton's accident happened a day after Tour de France and Olympic time trial champion Bradley Wiggins was hit by a car while riding his bike near Wigan in Lancashire. Wiggins suffered bruising and has already been discharged from hospital, Sutton is set to be released from hospital on Saturday.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barack Obama re-elected as president of the United States

Barack Obama re-elected as president of the United States defeating Mitt Romney

Barack Obama re-elected

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 PowerNet Tour of Southland

2012 PowerNet Tour of Southland

Auckland cyclist Mike Northey has won the 2012 PowerNet Tour of Southland. He was 17 seconds behind Tour leader American Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling).

Led by Calder Stewart's Hayden Roulston and Michael Vink, a break was made early and Northey and his Node 4-Subaru teammates made sure it was one they weren't going to miss.

The final stage was reduced from 87km to 79km, with the four laps of Queens Park reduced to one.

Vink had earlier won the morning's time trial in Winton and said, while that had not earned him much in terms of time, it had added to his confidence.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cardboard bicycle

Cardboard bicycle

A Cardboard bicycle is really interesting you can carry it every where you go and it's pretty easy to commute with it. I really hope it is really durable as mentioned by the inventor.

Izhar Gafni, 50, an expert in designing automated mass-production lines. He is also an amateur cycling enthusiast who for years toyed with an idea of making a bicycle from cardboard.

He told Reuters during a recent demonstration that after much trial and error, his latest prototype has now proven itself and mass production will begin in a few months.

Cardboard, made of wood pulp, was invented in the 19th century as sturdy packaging for carrying other more valuable objects, it has rarely been considered as raw material for things usually made of much stronger materials, such as metal.

He said that first the shape of the parts should be formed then cut. Then the cardboard is treated with a secret concoction made of organic materials to give it its waterproof and fireproof qualities. In the final stage, it is coated with lacquer paint for appearance.

Gafni said to test the durability of the treated cardboard he immersed a cross-section in a water tank for several months and it retained all its hardened characteristics.

Once ready for production, the bicycle will include no metal parts, even the brake mechanism and the wheel and pedal bearings will be made of recycled substances, although Gafni said he could not yet reveal those details due to pending patent issues.

The bicycles are not only very cheap to make, they are very light and do not need to be adjusted or repaired, the solid tires that are made of reconstituted rubber from old car tires will never get a puncture, Elmish said.

Yahoo news

Monday, October 15, 2012

Olympic BMX cyclist dies in a vehicular accident

Kyle Bennett, BMX cyclist, accident, Olympic

Kyle Bennett, 33 an Olympic BMX cyclist was killed in a vehicular accident in eastern Texas. He was a three-time BMX world champion and won an automatic spot the first U.S. BMX Olympic team in 2008.

USA Cycling CEO Steve Johnson in an statement said: “All of us at USA Cycling were deeply saddened to learn this morning of the tragic and untimely loss of Kyle Bennett,”

“Kyle was a pioneer in Olympic BMX and an inspiration to those of us that knew him. He will be sorely missed and we offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Bennett is survived by his fiance and a young daughter.

photo: USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto, Single Speed Road Bike
Here is a pretty cheap bike for daily commute. The price is around $199.99 to $299.99. It has a Steel frame and steel fork. The rims are made of alloy, and it weighs only 29.5 pounds. The yellow tone is pretty cool.

It's a great deal for the price.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Click here for more info

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kenyan Riders Mr. Leong Dream

Mr. Nicolas Leong a Singaporean commercial photographer who moved to Kenya to create the Kenyan cycling team. "All these Kenyans were winning marathons all over the world (and) I thought it would be really good if you gave them a bike, that was essentially the idea," - Leong Mr. Leong is convinced that Kenya which is known for its world class runners will also produce world class cyclist, and realized his dream for the first black team to compete in the Tour de France. Goodluck Mr. Leong!
Full story here 

story and picture source: yahoo sports

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Manhattan Cyclist Shocked To Discover Bike Violation Could Result In Driver’s License Points

New York — One Manhattan cyclist was ticketed by police for failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk at The loop at Central Park.

The Manhattan resident insisted that he is innocent, but said he was shocked to learn that if he’s found guilty, his punishment could include a $130 fine and three points on his driver’s license.

Attorney and cycling enthusiast Steve Vaccaro said bike violations in New York state are never supposed to result in penalties on a driver’s license. It happens because some law enforcement officers don’t fully understand bike rules.

The case is currently pending, and the Man will have his day in traffic court in November.

Bike advocates said the summons form police officers fill out was created for cars, not bikes, so it’s easy to make mistakes that get continued when entered into DMV computers.

source: newyork.cbslocal

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Team Specialized Lululemon

Team Specialized Lululemon, elite women’s team
 Gold medallists team Specialized-Lululemon the winner of the women's 21-mile race in the inaugural elite women’s team time trial at the world championships in Valkenburg.

Friday, September 7, 2012

3-Year-Old Pinned Under Bus Rescued‎

A young girl pinned by a bus in China survived the accident with no serious injuries.

The 3-year-old girl was riding her bike on the sidewalk when the bus veered out of control, plowing into a garden to avoid a car and hit the child. The child was tossed in the air and ended up trapped under the bus.

Emergency crews struggled to free her.

The soil was so soft that the jack wouldn't stay in place, but crews managed to dig the girl out by hand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cycling BMX Women's BMX Final - London 2012 Olympic Games

A look back at the London 2012 Olympic Games...

Mariana Pajon women's BMX Gold medal winner dominated her three semi-final runs in awe-inspiring fashion, led the eight-rider strong field after the first bend and never looked back. New Zealand's Sarah Walker took silver and Dutchwoman Laura Smulders claimed bronze while local hope Shanaze Reade settled for sixth. She finished just behind Caroline Buchanan of Australia, the BMX time trial world champion.

The first national mountain bike championships were held in 1983 in the USA. But the sport quickly grew in popularity in Europe and Australia. The first mountain bike World Championships, recognised by the International Cycling Union (UCI), were organised in 1990. Olympic recognition followed and mountain biking made its debut as an Olympic discipline at the Atlanta Games in 1996, with a cross-country event for men and women. The programme has remained unchanged ever since.

It was in 2008 in Beijing that BMX made its debut on the Olympic programme. BMX is one of the fastest and youngest cycling disciplines. Its principle is simple: eight riders compete on a track filled with jumps, tight bends and obstacles.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brooke Crain honors injured U.S. teammate in Olympic BMX final

Brooke Crain, Olympic BMX final, BMX, bike, cycling, Arielle Martin-Verhaaren

Photo shows Brooke Crain at the starting gate of the women's Olympic BMX final, she flashed a message written on her glove. Three letters: "A-M-V."

This was her personal tribute to Arielle Martin-Verhaaren, the 27-year-old rider who suffered serious injuries when her bike chain broke during her last training run for London on July 30.

Martin suffered "severely lacerated liver and collapsed lung in the resulting crash." as reported by Salt Lake Tribune, " Her injuries made it too dangerous for her to join the team in London, even as a spectator. After three surgeries, she's still hospitalized.

It would have been Martin's first Olympics; instead, it was Crain's, as the U.S. team's designated alternate. It could have been Martin racing in the final of the London Games' women's BMX competition in Olympic Park; instead, it was Crain.

Racing against the world's elite riders, Crain had the slowest time in the final, finishing in eighth place at 40.286 seconds. Mariana Pajon of Columbia won gold at 37.706, after rolling through the heats.

Crain, 19, discovered she was replacing Martin the night before the team was leaving for London. She would have flown over with the team anyway, lodging with them and soaking up the Olympic experience. But now she wasn't a tourist  she was a competitor for a medal.

Brooke Crain, Olympic BMX final, BMX, bike, cycling, Arielle Martin-Verhaaren

Brooke Crain, Olympic BMX final, BMX, bike, cycling, Arielle Martin-Verhaaren

During the seeding heats, Crain's Olympic dream appeared like it might end. On the last straightaway, her back wheel clipped a hill.

Her torso plowed into the ground, her body lifted up and then slammed to the ground a second time. She was helped up off the course, but eventually rode off slowly on her bike. U.S. team officials later said she was sore but anticipated she would race in Friday's semifinals.

The crash nearly taketh away, and then the crash giventh in BMX: In the second semifinal race, a huge collision of riders around the first turn left just three racing towards the finish line. One of them was Crain, who placed third in the race to bolster her chances to advance. One of the riders caught in the mayhem: Alise Post, a U.S. rider many expected to advance.

Despite the crash, Post was third overall entering the final race of the heat.

That's when disaster struck for the 21-year-old rider: With four hills to go before the finish, Post crashed her bike and needed to be helped from the track.

She finished eighth; Crain was third in the semifinals.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Olympic Games Mountain Bike Course

Here is an advance preview of BikeRadar to the climbs and descents of the purpose-built MTB course at Hadleigh Farm, Essex for the the 2012 Olympic Games.

Monday, July 16, 2012

BMX Bike stunts

BMX Bike stunts pretty good jump, stunt, and trick. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inmates Use Bikes to Generate Electricity

Inmates Use Bikes to Generate Electricity, Brazilian, Brazil, Prison

Here is an interesting story... Inmates in a Brazilian prison uses special stationary bike to generate electricity. What a splendid idea, prisons here in the US should follow this one.

Here is the full story:

The country’s Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison has offered inmates a reduction in their sentences – albeit a light one – if they use their legs to charge batteries using special bikes.

City judge José Henrique Mallmann got the idea for his battery-charging bikes from other prisons that offer prisoners incentives for riding bikes, including Phoenix, Ariz.'s Tent City Jail that requires female inmates to ride a bike while watching television.

For every 16 hours a Brazilian prisoner pedals, he can reduce his sentence by one day.

The batteries the inmates charge while pedaling are taken every night into the city center, where they keep citizens out of the dark by illuminating street lamps. The program has become popular among inmates as it alleviates boredom and keeps them in shape.

One inmate even said he has so far lost "about four pounds."

The prison will soon add eight more bikes to the original two due to the program’s popularity. The ten bikes would generate enough power to lighten a city block, so if the city wants to be fully prison-powered it will need a lot more inmates saddling up.

The Arizona model, which influenced the Brazilian program, was started back in 2010 by controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Named “Pedal Vision,” the Maricopa County sheriff, known for his tough stance toward undocumented immigrants, let female inmates pedal stationary bikes with one hour on the bike equaling one hour of television.

The TV’s power was generated from pedaling the bikes. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

E-Zip Mountain Trailz Electric Bicycle (EZ-MT8-BL)

ebike, electric bike, electric bicycle
Electric Bicycle
This E-bike is fun and easy to use. It is powered by Currie's Electro-Drive system, the rider can select from full power on demand or power assist functions, and the bike comes complete with a charger and removable battery pack. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to a basic on/off switch, twist throttle control, and easy-to-read battery gauge.

When the bike's parked and ready to charge, simply lift the battery pack from its housing and plug it into the charger via the easy access charger port. The Trailz bike is recommended for young adult to adult riders, with a weight limit not to exceed 240 pounds.

Features and Specifications

    * Motor: 450-watt, DC brushed Earth magnet motor
    * Battery: 24-volt, 10Ah, valve regulated, EV-rated, SLA-type, rear rack-mounted
    * Charge System: UL-listed Currie Smart Charger with LED status display
    * Drive: Patented Currie Electro-Drive System, Shimano rear derailleur, SRAM grip shift, Shimano seven-speed freewheel
    * Controller: Exclusive Currie Electro-Drive, 24-volt, fully potted with power gauge function
    * Top Speed: Up to 15 miles per hour, depending on rider weight and terrain
    * Range: Up to 20 miles with normal pedaling, depending on rider weight and terrain
    * Brakes: Alloy linear pull with alloy brake inhibit lever
    * Wheels: 26-inch wheels with 1.75-inch alloy rims
    * Tires: Two-inch Currie comfort tires
    * Handlebar and Stem: Mid-rise bar and stem
    * Fork: Suspension with fender eyelets
    * Saddle: Comfort design with Q/R alloy seat post
    * Frame: Exclusive Currie Hi-Ten steel, bottle bosses, fender and rack mounts
    * Crank and Pedals: Alloy 44T crank set, double chain guard, resin dual-sided pedals.

Once you got this bike you'll need to assemble it. It is pretty easy to do, just follow the instructions carefully. The battery life is pretty good, it takes about 3-4 hours to charge. with this Ebike it takes less energy climbing hills, it will get you to your destination without getting totally exhausted. It is also really durable, and expect that it is heavier than your ordinary bike. I saw one on Amazon for $799.00. You can check it here: AMAZON

Monday, June 11, 2012

World Naked Bike Ride - Chicago

Naked Bike Ride in Chicago June 9, 2012. They were "celebrating freedom from oil and positive body image." They were chanting "less gas more ass" & "burns fat not oil."

Yup if you are in Chicago last Saturday night, stuck in traffic it was caused by hundreds of naked cyclists pedaling through the city. It was the annual Biking naked for a cause.

The Naked Bike Ride is “a people powered happening bringing radical attention against oil addiction. It IS an extreme free speech exercise trying to save the planet. It’s NOT Mardi Gras.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Audi e-bike Worthersee

Audi unveiled an extremely emotion-inspiring sports machine, the Audi e-bike Wörthersee at Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria. The prototype cycle combines an electric drive and muscle power. Head of Design Wolfgang Egger comments: “As a high-performance e-bike for sports and trick cycling, it features the Audi core competences of design, ultra, e-tron and connect.” The Audi e-bike Wörthersee puts in its first major appearance at this year’s Wörthersee Tour, the 31st meet for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda fans; trial biker Julien Dupont and downhill specialist Petra Bernhard will demonstrate their stunts and streetbike skills.

The uncompromising dynamism of the bike prototype is fully visible at first sight. “When developing the Audi e-bike Wörthersee we drew on motor racing design principles for inspiration,” explains Hendrik Schaefers, one of the designers at Concept Design Studio Munich. “The e-bike appears incredibly precise, highly emotional and strictly functional. Indeed, the design effort focused on its function as a sports machine. All design elements are thus firmly aligned to the technical features.”

The airy frame boasts a low center of gravity and a compact overall volume. In this way, the e- bike is superbly agile at the sporty handling limits. The lithium-ion battery is incorporated into the frame and needs 2.5 hours to freuteully charge. On long trial tours, only a few simple steps are required to remove the battery and replace it with a charged one.

The frame and the swinging arm that holds the back wheel are made of carbon fiber- reinforced polymer (CFRP). The same material is used for the 26” wheels, which feature an innovative “Audi ultra blade” design with broad flat spokes for an optimized transmission of pedal power. “We were able to demonstrate with the choice of materials just how closely design goes hand in hand with expertise in ultra lightweight construction,” Hendrik Schaefers comments.

Homogeneous LED light strips round out the frame and create the immediately recognizable Audi light signature. For extreme tricks and stunts the seat can be lowered to run flush with the frame itself. At the press of a button, the seat then rises up and the biker can adopt a comfortable position.

Cycling modes and countless other functions can be set using the touchscreen on-bike computer. The cyclist's smartphone hooks up by WLAN to the computer – when you start cycling, for example, the immobilizer is deactivated. Video images of the trial drive or of a trick, as recorded via the in-helmet camera, are uploaded to the Internet in real time via your smartphone.

Each trick performed successfully is then awarded success points, and as the number of points awarded grows, the cyclist receives awards and the challenge level rises, too. The rankings table in the Internet means you can measure yourself against other bikers and your friends. And where they happen to be comes to you via Facebook status reports that pop up on the Audi e-bike Wörthersee display.

The cyclist can choose between a total of five cycling modes – pure muscle power, the electric motor alone, or pedaling supported by the electric motor. In the “Pure” mode, the drive power is purely the product of the cyclist’s legs, while in “Pedelec” mode you are supported by the electric motor that then makes speeds of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) possible and gives you a range of 50-70 kilometers (31-44 miles).

If you select “eGrip”, the Audi e-bike Wörthersee runs solely on the electric motor and can reach a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). The cyclist then controls forward momentum using a gripshift and can configure the power as desired using the computer.

When performing wheelies, an electronic control system supports the rider when performing tricks and back-wheel biking. Different modes can be set using a smartphone or directly on the e-bike – either “Power Wheelie” mode, with adjustable wheelie angle for less skilled bikers or “Balanced Wheelie” mode for sporting challenges.

In "Balanced Wheelie" mode, the electronic control system maintains the rider’s balance, by compensating the biker’s movements forwards or backwards via the electric motor.

This means the rider can influence the bike’s speed by shifting weight: if you lean forwards the bike picks up speed, and if you lean back it slows. You select “Training” mode if you want to keep your performance constant for training purposes.

The electric motor is located at the lowest point on the frame and drives the bottom bracket shaft directly. The maximum torque delivered to the rear wheel is 250 Nm (184.39 lb-ft).

The electric motor generates a maximum output of 2.3 kW, a new world best for e-bikes. The complete bike excluding electrical components weighs in at 11 kg (24.25 lb), equivalent to a power-to-weight ratio of 9 kg (19.84 lb) per kilowatt, or 7 kg (15.43 lb) per horsepower – another record-breaking value.

from Yahoo

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Portland top U.S. city for cycling

(Reuters)  Portland has been named America's best cycling city, according to a new ranking released on Monday. The city has the most cyclists per capita and even coffee shops that cater to two-wheelers,

It knocked Minneapolis, which was tops in 2010, to second place, followed by Boulder, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

"No other city in the United States has more cyclists per capita," according to Bicycling magazine, which compiled the list of the top 50 best cycling cities.

Although cycling culture is thriving in Minneapolis and Boulder boasts the second-highest percentage of bike commuters in the U.S., Portland scored top points in the ranking that evaluated bike culture in cities with 95,000 or more residents.

The magazine, which used data from the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the League of American Bicyclists, also looked at the number and quality of bike lanes, racks, routes and bicycling projects, cyclist-friendly cafes, as well as how many residents commute by bike and cycling clubs and events.

New York City, which will launch the largest bike share system in the country this summer, came in seventh, followed by San Francisco at No. 8.

Memphis was named the most improved city for bicycling.

Here is the top ten:

1. Portland, OR
2. Minneapolis
3. Boulder, CO
4. Washington, DC
5. Chicago
6. Madison, WI
7. New York City
8. San Francisco
9. Eugene, OR
10. Seattle

You'll find the complete list on

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Insane Downhill Mountain Biking

I wish I can try this track it is pretty awesome. Their slopes are pretty cool.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Volkswagen “Bik.e”

I know it's old news but it's pretty sleek huh?! The Volkswagen “Bik.e” may look like a traditional pushbike but there are no pedals, it’s actually a folding electric scooter.

Rather than an alternative to the car, Volkswagen has designed the Bik.e to work in tandem with the car - it folds up for easy storage in the spare-wheel well and can be recharged by plugging it into the car’s DC outlet or a conventional powerpoint.

The Bik.e’s top-speed is 20km/h, and it has a range of about 20km.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

"Let this joy of Easter fill up your Heart today and Forever. Many wishes for a Happy Easter! "

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gravity Bikes

Nice little gravity bikes.

A Gravity Bike is a specialised two wheeled bicycle propelled by nothing other than gravity. Without pedals or a chain, Gravity Bike riders rely on steep gradients and gravity to reach incredibly fast speeds.

Gravity Bikes evolved from modifying a traditional BMX where a rider would add weight, alter seating and handlebar positions and change a bikes aerodynamic characteristics in the pursuit of greater speeds. More recently, Gravity Bikes have evolved to become highly specialised and purpose built machines capable of reaching speeds over 130kph from a standing push start.

Gravity Bikes are ultimately built for speed. The steeper and more technical a road or dedicated racing circuit, the greater the adrenaline rush for riders. Fitted with full protective gear including leathers, helmets, gloves and boots, Gravity Bike riding combines the thrill of speed with a love of bicycles.

Gravity Bikes and Gravity Bike racing have a long and proud history. For more than 30 years there have been hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world contributing to the growth and presentation of the sport.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Folding Bike

The best way to commute to work for me is using my bike but I also ride a train and I'm really thinking of getting a folding bike.

Here is one folding bike that I'm interested in Dahon Briza D7, it is a simple bike and has a low step-through frame that means easy mounting and a nice, comfortable upright ride.


    * Easy step-through frame and 24" wheels make this the easiest riding folding bike
    * Upright riding position puts no strain on your back
    * You can fold the bike without even picking it up!
    * Comes equipped with front and rear fenders, as well as an integrated rear rack
    * Convenient air pump built into seat post

They said that this bike feels more like a full-size bike than any of Dahon's smaller folding bikes. However, the compact folded size has the same footprint as its smaller counterparts, and can even be rolled along on its wheels when folded.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

eZee Electric Bike

Back to Bike related post... The eZee electric bike is a sturdy and stylish electric assisted bike. It has a battery measuring 40 centimetres by 10cm, embedded under the seat. The battery is removable, lasts for about 30 kilometres and takes 90 minutes to charge. Prices range between $2000 to $3000.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny looking tattoo

I saw this online and it really cracks me up!

prison must be really hard for this dude. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Low Maintenance Bikes

Here are nice looking bikes that are low maintenance and durable. No flat tires ever!

The pictures shows wooden bike from Banaue region of the Philippines. Cool huh?!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cross Country

Cyclo-cross or Cross Country or CX, was originally invented to help European road racers stay fit during the fall and winter. It includes off-road sections that forced racers to carry their bikes while running, and then remount swiftly for the next stretch of road.

It take place in the autumn and winter and consists of many laps of a short (2.5–3.5  km or 1.5–2  mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike whilst navigating the obstruction and remount. Races for senior categories are generally between 30 minutes and an hour long, with the distance varying depending on the ground conditions. The sport is strongest in the traditional road cycling countries such as Belgium (and Flanders in particular), France and the Netherlands.

A cyclo-cross rider is allowed to change bicycles and receive mechanical assistance during a race. While the rider is on the course gumming up one bicycle with mud, his or her pit crew can work quickly to clean, repair and oil the spares. Having a mechanic in the "pits" is more common for professional cyclo-cross racers. The average cyclo-cross racer might have a family member or friend holding their spare bike.