Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Origin8 Recalls 1,600 Folding Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard, Weak Frame

Origin8 Recalls, folding bikes, bicycles, product recall

There are now 13 reported complaints against Origin8 about weak frame welds that cracks and fall. There are no injuries have been reported as of the moment.

Origin8 bicycles are manufactured in China and imported by J&B Importers, Inc., of Miami, Florida. The importer is not coordinating with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall about 1,600 Origin8 folding bikes because of weak welding on the bikes' frames that can break and can result to an injury.

Included in the recall are three models: the Origin8 F1, F3 and F7 model. The bikes were sold in the United States between August 2012 and October 2015 for between $370 and $480.

If you have bought this bike, stop using the bicycle and immediately return them to the store where you purchased it for a free replacement bicycle. You can also call Origin8 at (800) 666-5000 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at and click "support" for more information.

The F1 model is a single-speed folding bike that came in matte black and can be identified by the "F1" on the toptube. The F3 model is a three-speed folding bike that came in white and can be identified by "F3" on the toptube. While the F7 model is a seven-speed folding bike that came in "battleship gray" and can be identified by "F7" on the top tube.

You can find the serial number on the tube that holds the crank at the bottom bracket as shown in the photo below.

Origin8 Recalls, folding bikes, bicycles, product recall

Serial number ranges included in the recall are as follows:

F1 Model serial number ranges:

B13223229 – B13223374

F3 Model serial number ranges:

B181460101 – B181460200
B181404945 – B181405079

F7 Model serial number ranges:

B181460201 – B181460320
B13223375 – B13223510
B181405080 – B181405255

More information:

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This brand new year may you remember to say, “I love you” at least once a day to your spouse, your child, your parent, and your siblings, but not to your secretary, your nurse, your waitress, your masseuse,
your hairdresser or your tennis instructor.

Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas to you! 2015

May the Christmas season
fill your home with joy,
your heart with love
and your life with laughter.

Merry Christmas to all !

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Christmas, Joy, love, fun, Christmas season, logo, happy, Season Greetings, Feliz Navidad


Friday, December 18, 2015

Tour of Costa Rica cycling Race Accident

Costa Rica cycling Race Accident, cycling accident

Costa Rica cycling Race Accident, cycling accident

The Tour of Costa Rica cycling race turned bloody when a taxi swerved in front of hundreds of cyclists taking part of the race.

The taxi driver who's probably the worst taxi driver in the world is named as Wilberth Arce, he was seen driving his red taxi down the road ahead of the cyclists.

There's a woman that was not seen in the camera saying "That is the stupidest taxi driver." Since the taxi was on the road that is closed.

Then the taxi driver due to sheer stupidity tried to turn left blocking the path of the rushing cyclists. Three cyclists failed to brake in time and was seen crashing into the car.

The organizers of the race are calling for the taxi driver to be prosecuted for his carelessness.

Costa Rican cyclist Nieves Carrasco won the first stage of the Tour of Costa Rica, an 11-stage event that traverses the country and ends on Christmas Day in Heredia.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Medical Doctors in UAE Promotes the Benefits of Cycling

ABU DHABI, UAE -  On January 12 UAE will have their National’s second Cycle to Work day and to promote it, doctors reveal how cycling benefits your mind and body.

According to a reseach don by University of Sydney, people who ride a bike to their work are happier and have a better quality of life than those who drive, walk, or use public transportation.

Srividya Iyer, head of physiotherapy at Burjeel Hospital, said medical research supported the findings this findings:

“Cycling on a regular basis has many short-term and long-term health benefits such as preventing obesity, cardiovascular disease and, in some cases, Type 2 diabetes.”

“When you cycle, your level of stress hormones is reduced and this makes you less anxious.

“Cycling can be used to improve one’s strength as well as the fitness level of the heart.”

Srividya Iyer is a cycle enthusiast and have been cycling for 2 years. Srividya also said that regular cycling promotes the formation of new synapses between nerve cells. The more new synapses are formed, the faster a person can think, react or solve problems. This also improve the memory.

Adam Griffin, a senior occupational therapist at Camali Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City, said cycling should be part of a weekly routine.

“In one case, this was a jump-start to a healthier, more active lifestyle, which resulted in greater focus in the classroom and improved communication and connection between parent and child.”


~ if more and more people cycle to work, people will become more healthy, it will lessen obesity, it will lessen pollution, it will lessen traffic, it will also help you save more money. The government should support cycling to work initiative.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cycling for 1 hour Can Power your House for a day

Free Electric bike, cycling, biking, bikes

Here's a great way to lose those fat and keep you healthy while saving on energy cost. The CEO of 5-Hour Energy, an energy shot product, has developed a stationary bicycle that can produce enough electricity to power a small house with 1 hour cycling.

Manoj Bhargava invented the "Free Electric" which is a stationary bike that is connected to batteries which it charges while the user is using the bike. He developed the bike to make electricity available to places where there are no electricity in developing countries. If mass produced this will significantly reduce world poverty.

According to World Energy Outlook, an estimated 1.2 billion people or 17% of the world population do not have access to electricity in 2013.

“Energy is the great equalizer. So you try to look for that which is the one thing that will lead to benefits that are across hundreds of things,” said Bhargava. “Human mechanical energy is so amazing, why can’t we use that to create energy?” he added.

Bhargava said he “invented a hybrid bicycle that you pedal for an hour and you have electricity for 24 hours. We call it: Free Electric.”

The Free Electric bike will not only give you free electricity it will also help fight obesity.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals

It's the best time to buy a bike since there are crazy deals out there this Black Friday 2015. Here's what Walmart offers:
Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals, cycling, Girls Granite Peak Mountain Bike
24" Girls' Granite Peak Mountain Bike - priced at $59.00 each before it was $84.84.


18-speed shifters and Schimano rear derailleur
Steel mountain style frame with front suspension fork
Front and rear handbrakes
Alloy wheels and 3-piece crank
Assembled dimensions: 62"L x23"W x 37"H

Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals, cycling, Girls Granite Peak Mountain Bike
26" Men's Granite Peak Mountain Bike - priced at $59.00 each, price before was $84.84.


18-speed shifters and Schimano rear derailleur
Steel mountain style frame with front suspension fork
Front and rear handbrakes
Alloy wheels and 3-piece crank
Assembled dimensions: 66"L x23"W x 39"H

Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals, cycling, Girls Granite Peak Mountain Bike
20" Wipeout Bike - price is $49.00 each before it was $59.87.


Racing shield and matching 3-piece pad set
Frame: steel
Brakes: front caliper and rear coaster brakes
Wheel type: 20"
Tires: knobby
Seat: alloy quick-release
Pedals: plastic
Weight: 33.85 lbs
Assembled dimensions: 55" x 26.50" x 36"
Weight limit: 105 lbs

Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals, cycling, Girls Granite Peak Mountain Bike
Disney Good Dinosaur 12" Bike - Special Value price is at $39.00 each
Black Friday 2015 Bike Deals, cycling, Girls Granite Peak Mountain Bike
Disney® Frozen 16" Bike - price is now $49.00 each before it was $79.97

You can check Walmart Ad flyer here

"Shop Amazon Cycling - Bikes, Helmets, Car Racks & More"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cycling: Take Your Lane Safety Flag

Take Your Lane Safety Flag, Cycling, cycling safety, flag
Pic from takeyourlane FB page

A lot of drivers can't assess the distance between the vehicle they are driving and cyclists on the road. By having this three foot flag attached to your bike, it presents a physical representation of the three-foot safe and legal distance for drivers when passing a cyclist.

It's very dangerous on the road specially when you are dealing with aggressive drivers that don't care about the law. They will shout at you and cut you off the road. The flag also serve as additional visibility and safety.

The three foot flag can be easily attached to any bike. It has an aluminum universal mounting bracket that is connected to the bike's frame with four 70-pound tensile strength nylon ties and elastomer cushioning to protect the frame’s finish.

The bike rider can easily and quickly adjust the flag from completely horizontal (for road riding) to completely vertical (for sidewalk or trail riding) or anywhere in between in a matter of seconds.

Don't worry about the weight it only weighs at approximately 15.3 ounces or 434 grams and worth $39.95 plus shipping at

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bicycle Storage Ideas: flat-bike-lift

Flat-bike-lift is a great way to store you bikes at home. Codeima Srl is the manufacturer of this new patented ceiling bike rack. The rack is equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic pistons that makes pushing and pulling easier.

Once you get home all you need to do is pull down the rack that is securely attached in the ceiling, and lift the bike and just place the wheels in its wheel gutter. Then just slightly lift and the gas-filled piston will help you lift the bike. Watch the video above, it's really easy.

However, this rack cost €204 or US$224. Yes, it may be expensive but it's a great way to store your bike and save a lot of space.

You can purchase it on their website. 

Bicycle Storage, flat-bike-lift, bike rack

Bicycle Storage, flat-bike-lift, bike rack

Bicycle Storage, flat-bike-lift, bike rack

Bicycle Storage, flat-bike-lift, bike rack

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
You know what they say…a caramel apple a day keeps the goblins away! Have an awesome Halloween and enjoy all the tasty treats!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flex Electric Folding bike

Flex Electric Folding bike, electric bike, folding bike

Flex Electric Folding bike, electric bike, folding bike

E-bikes and folding bikes have already been in the market for some time now and you can see them everywhere in the city. However, an E-bike that can be folded is something new to me. Revelo an electric bike company based in Toronto, Canada has combined the power of an e-bike and the portability of a folding bike in one. It is called Flex, an electric bike that can be folded to 60 by 80 centimetres that can be fitted in a suitcase. It can also fit in a trunk of a small car.

Revelo founder Henry Chong said, "Flex is designed to highlight the potential and joy of personal electric travel,” “It’s almost like flying by on a chair", Chong added. “Rather than shrinking a bike and putting a motor on it, we took a fresh approach to the ride platform.”

Flex has a Dual Mode Crank (DMC) which allows two ways to ride. Dual Mode Crank (DMC) allows the rider to dynamically alternate from a cruising position to active pedaling. Activating the pedaling mode is great when you are climbing hills. DMC also allows the crank arms to float independently which makes steering feel more fluid and allows the feet to absorb road irregularities.

The FLEX is designed for transportation and not intended to be used as a bicycle without electricity.

The bike is powered by a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. One hour charging time will give you 10 kms. When the battery is fully depleted charging time is 3-5 hours.

Flex, though an electric bike is extremely lightweight at 15 kg/33 lbs but heavy on the wallet at $1,298 on


Weight:    12.1 kg (26.7 lb) without battery
Frame and Fork:    Heat treated aluminum for lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance
Range:    30 km (20 mi) on a single charge
Speed:    Top speed up to 28 km/h
Battery: 2.8 kg (6.3 lb), 36V 10aH, Samsung Lithium. Over 1000 full recharge cycles (4 to 5 years of average use)*
Motor:  Rear mounted 250W High torque brushless geared
Front drive:  Chainless Patented Revelo Dual Mode Crank (DMC) for cruising or pedaling modes
Front wheel:  20" Freewheeling clutch hub with aluminum rim
Saddle:  Comfort base with spring suspension
Open Dimensions:  45.5" x 39" x 15" (116 x 100 x 38 cm)
Stowed Dimensions:  1’ x 2’ x 2.5’ (30 x 60 x 80 cm) footprint
Suitcase Dimensions:  20" x 30" x 11" (50 x 76 x 28 cm)
Brakes:  Powerful front and rear v-brakes with electronic cut off alloy levers
Rider Height:  4’ 11” (150 cm) up to 6' 4" (193 cm)
Max. Rider Weight:  220 lbs (100 kgs)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beer Flavor Energy Gel

Energy gels are carbohydrate gels that are very essential for cyclists, they provide energy and promote recovery, very quickly. Energy gels are used in endurance sports like running, cycling, and triathlons. Energy gels are also called endurance gels, sports gels, nutritional gels, and carbohydrate gels.

They are packaged small and in single serve so that they are portable and easy to carry. Each pack has a strip with a small notch at the top that can be peeled off to reveal an opening through which the gel can be consumed.

How does it help the athletes? When they consume energy gels the carbohydrates will be absorbed by the blood which in turn supplies the body with calories and nutrients to fuel activity by delaying muscular fatigue, raise blood sugar levels, and enhance performance.

Energy Gels contain mostly sugars and maltodextrins, they don't have fat, fiber, or protein, so they can be digested quickly.

Usually they are fruit flavored but GCN takes it to another level by creating a beer flavored Energy Gel! A lot of beer drinkers would love this one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dash cam captures a Truck Hitting a Cyclist

Check out the clip above which shows a truck hitting a cyclist, amazingly the cyclist escape death. The  cyclist was knocked off by a truck when the truck veered to the outer lane where the cyclist is.
Luckily the truck didn't hit the cyclist head on, it would have caused serious injuries or even death.
The video is reportedly taken from Russia.

Monday, August 17, 2015

World Naked Bike Ride Amsterdam 2015

Check out a clip from the July 4, 2015 World Naked Bike Ride Amsterdam there were approximately 150 participants. The group of nude cyclists converge from Frankendael Park in the city. They drew a lot of attention from bystanders and tourist.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Pictures of World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis

World Naked Bike Ride St. Louis, nude bike, nudist

World Naked Bike Ride St. Louis, nude bike, nudist

World Naked Bike Ride is getting stronger more people are joining for their cause! Raising awareness of cyclist rights and vulnerability on the road, and promote positive body image and protest oil dependency.

They bare all while getting their message heard. Here are more pictures of World Naked Bike Ride last July 18 in St. Louis. Pictures by Micah Usher.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

St. Louis Missouri: 2015 World Naked Bike Ride in

St. Louis Missouri naked bike ride, nude bike ride, St Louis naked bike ride

St. Louis Missouri naked bike ride, nude bike ride, St Louis naked bike ride

St. Louis Missouri naked bike ride, nude bike ride, St Louis naked bike ride

St. Louis Missouri naked bike ride. About a hundred participants join the 8th annual World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis Missouri. The event started in the Grove Neighborhood in south St. Louis and ended in the same place. Participants met in front of the HandlBar on Manchester before riding the 12 mile ride.

More pictures here

Friday, July 17, 2015

The 2015 World Naked Bike Ride: Los Angeles (NSFW)

2015 World Naked Bike Ride, naked bike rice Los Angeles, nude bike ride LA, naked bike ride

2015 World Naked Bike Ride, naked bike rice Los Angeles, nude bike ride LA, naked bike ride

2015 World Naked Bike Ride, naked bike rice Los Angeles, nude bike ride LA, naked bike ride

Check out some pictures of the annual World Naked Bike Ride in downtown Los Angeles, bikers baring it all. Nude cyclist converge at at the corner of Baker and Spring Streets last June 27, 2015. They followed the "big figure 8" route through downtown, along the L.A. River and Echo Park.

More Photos here

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bicycle Brakes

Bicycle Brakes, Shimano

One of the most critical part of a bicycle is the brakes. You should make sure that your brakes are made of high quality materials since inferior products may cause accidents and can cost you a lot of money. There are low-cost calipers and pads that do their job but if you have tried high end the difference are significant specially on rainy days and in heavy traffic.

If you are confident that you can stop quickly as possible, it will boost your overall riding performance. You can let your bike fly knowing full well that you can put on the brakes if you needed it.

High-end break calipers and pads offers impressive braking power and modulation specially in wet and slipper roads. High-end break calipers is made from high-grade materials and great design. 

If you are ready to try High-end break calipers you can try:
Shimano Dura-Ace BR-9000 Brake Calipers
TriRig Omega Aero Road Bicycle Brake

Or, you can try to use new pads alone like Kool-Stop or SwissStop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prank Gone Bad: Man Woke Up With Bike Lock On His Neck

prank, bike lock

Poor guy his idiot friends thought it was funny to place a bike lock on his neck while he was sleeping and then throw away the key. The man was from Coventry, England he had to call the firefighters to have the lock removed with a metal cutter. But the cutter wasn't able to help, the firefighters have to call in their Technical Rescue Unit to have it cut.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lotto Cycling Cup organizers Says Sorry for bikini models

Lotto Cycling Cup, bikini models, cycling race

Lotto Cycling Cup Organisers apologised for the bikini models who were at the awarding of the winners of a women's race in Belgium. 

Dutch racing cyclist and journalist Marijn de Vries tweets: "This is the podium of today's Flanders Diamond Tour, a UCI 1.1 women's race. What an utter disgrace @LottoCyclingCup!" along with the picture of the bikini clad models.

Lotto Cycling Cup organizers apologized but reasoned out that they were not responsible. Johan Molineaux, the local organizer of the event, said during an interview he would not be using Hostessen Service No Limit again and planned to personally apologize to the competitors. The models were recruited by Hostessen Service No Limit, the company also offers striptease acts.

"For a lot of women it is damaged. For me it is a sad day," he said. Molineaux explained he was elsewhere during the presentation and that the women were supposed to wear cycling shirts but took them off.

The UCI, world cycling's governing body said it had looked into the incident and had contacted the organizers, who apologized.
Lotto Cycling Cup, bikini models, cycling race

Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 World Naked Bike Ride will start in Portland

2015 World Naked Bike Ride Portland, naked bike ride LA, bike ride, nude bike ride

2015 World Naked Bike Ride Portland, naked bike ride LA, bike ride, nude bike ride

The World Naked Bike Ride will come to Portland on Saturday, June 27, 2015 it will start at Colonel Summers Park off S.E. Belmont Ave. and S.E. 20th. The group said that the naked bike ride is a protest against our dependency on oil and for cyclist rights. On their website, the naked bike ride is an  “annual, worldwide bike ride that highlights the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere and decries society’s dependence on pollution-based transport.” The event attracts thousands of participants which is actually growing every year since it started in 2004.

In 2014, the naked ride kicked off at Normandale Park in residential northeast Portland, some of the neihbors complained about it. In 2013 the event took over the southwest Park blocks around the Portland Art Museum.

Event organizers did not say where the ride stops, but they usually make their way through downtown Portland.

2015 World Naked Bike Ride Portland, naked bike ride LA, bike ride, nude bike ride

In Los Angeles (WNBR LA), the event will starts at 2:30 p.m June 27 around Downtown LA/Echo Park. But for privacy (nude bike, privacy???) they do not post the location/route all over the web. You need to sign up on the RSVP mailing list to get the starting point here
Photos: Bikers Cruise Through Downtown For 2014's World Naked Bike Ride (NSFW)
Photos: Bikers Let It All Hang Out For World Naked Bike Ride Day (NSFW) (2013)
Photos: World Naked Bike Ride Rolls Through Town (NSFW) (2012)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Cycling Tires

Cycling Tires, biking, cycling

Good cycling tires can make a difference in overall performance, good tires can give you lesser weight,

faster rolling resistance and better grip than other tires. It can also give you better adhesion, anti-flat

protection and improve efficiency. The tires you choose are very important since they can affect everything from performance, to handling, and safety. However, these tires are not cheap but higher quality tires last longer and perform better.

Upgrading your tires from 23mm to 25mm or higher will give you substantial comfort, since large tires has been proven to have less rolling resistance.

Here are some of the good tires on the market today: Clement Strada LGG, Continental GP4000, Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite, Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp,  Michelin Pro4 Service Course, Continental Grand Prix 4-Season, Panaracer Gravel King, Hutchinson Fusion 3 and Vittoria Open Corsa CX.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bicycle Wheels

If you want to upgrade your bicycle wheels you would want it to be more aerodynamic, stiffer, and that will roll better than your stock bicycle wheels. This will give you more speed, and the power transfer will be more efficient. It will also give you a faster climb.

Here are some great wheels for your bicycle:
Bicycle Wheels. wheelset, biking, cycling

Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheels - it is lightweigh at 1,600g a pair and very comfortable to ride. Watch out it can be a little noisy.

Bicycle Wheels. wheelset, biking, cycling

Mavic Ksyrium Elite Clincher Wheelset - This set is light, stiff and has an amazing design. It is the ultimate upgrade wheelset. It has a a new U-shaped profile, with a wide 17mm rim. A pair of this wheelset without tires is at 1550g.  
Bicycle Wheels. wheelset, biking, cycling
If you are loaded then for the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels - It is superlight at 1180grams, it is 47.5mm deep. The wheel is stiff and it accelerate well. It is one of the best wheelsets availble in the market today, but it is way too expensive.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Braking Tips

Check out some braking tips to improve your ride. Braking is a significant skills that you'll need in order to stop faster, gain seconds when you are running through corners, going down descents and riding in groups.

This video will help you improve your braking skills.

Breaking in corners - breaking puts additional demand on your tires that can potentially overload them that can cause you to lose grip, chances are you can touch the breaks and not lose traction that could've gone through the time faster. The reality is that most of us do breaks in corners but the golden rule is make sure that you let them off when you clear the apex of the corners and then start to accelerate. In emergencies, when you apply the breaks full on mid turn make sure you straigthen up as you turn and then run wide if you can.

Breaking in races - as well as moderating your speed certain braking situations call for slightly different technique and one of this in bunch situations as a bunch turns on a sharp corner is a concertina effect. It means the riders at the back would need to break harder before they reach the corner and ride around slower and then accelerate back at speed afterwards. It's incredibly draining, and can take even a really strong rider apart and something like a criterion race. You can get around this though by doing your break early and leave a small gap between you and the rider in front of you. This little gap will mean that you have to slow down as much on the corner as you can use it to close the gap rolling back onto the wheel on front and exerting more speed. 

Air Braking - When you do need to break sit up at the same time your body will act as an air break and improve your stability at the same time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Riding your Bike can Help Deal with Migraine

There's no cure for migraine headaches, however cycling can help you deal with the pain.  According to the  World Health Organization migraine is included in the top 20 causes of disability expressed as years of healthy life lost to disability. Severe migraine attacks is classified by the WHO as one of the most disabling illnesses, that is similar to dementia, quadriplegia and active psychosis.

Migraine is the most common neurological disorder that is usually characterized by severe headaches. Medications can help you deal with the symptoms but not cure it.

Dr. Carolyn Bernstein who heads the headache center at Boston’s Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center found a way to deal with migraine without the meds, indoor cycling. Bernstein also suffers from it and she said that cycling is ideal for people with migraine since the exercise is low-impact and there is no pounding.

“When we exercise, a lot of the time we feel better afterwards. We get all kinds of neurotransmitters going in our brain that can decrease pain levels,” Dr. Bernstein said.

A study that is done in Sweden in 2008 found that regular indoor cycling program actually improved migraine symptoms.

Precaution: Please consult your doctor before doing this exercise since extreme physical activity may trigger migraine headaches.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ipswich Naked Bike Ride

London Naked Bike Ride, nude bike ride, nudist, nudist bike

Ipswich, United Kingdom - World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) organization which is an International organization that set up and organize nude cycling protests around the world want to organize one in Ipswich next year.

Clacton has already had one and organisers want to take it to Colchester and Chelmsford this year, then in Ipswich and Norwich next year.

Robert Brown will be leading the planning for the Colchester, Chelmsford, and Cambridge rides, he was also the organizer in the Clacton event.

Since it is a protests instead of events, they only have to coordinate with the police. Brown said on an interview: "It is not an offense to be nude. It is only an offense to be nude if you cause distress or alarm. So it is legal to be out nude, but it would be an offense to drop your trousers in public."

The riders will be protesting on car emissions and better infrastructure for bicycle safety.

“People love taking part and there are always well-wishers to wave us on and take photographs!”

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cycling: Thomas Dekker Called it Quits

Cycling, Thomas Dekker Quits

The 30 year old Dutch cyclist Thomas Dekker as announced his plans to retire from the sport of cycling,  effective immediately. On his personal website he said that he wants to pursue fulfillment outside of his work as an athlete.

"For weeks I've been thinking about it. I have pondered, I've weighed my thoughts carefully, I oversaw the options and considered them one by one. I've listened to my mind and to my heart. Now I have made up my mind. I quit cycling."

"I quit cycling."

"My whole life up to now was dominated by cycling—but I do not want to depend on my form, my equipment, my team, anyone, or anything any longer,” Dekker said. “My cycling career was beautiful, ugly, intense, and edifying. I’m ready for a new step. Without my bike.”

He turned pro in 2005 with Rabobank, he had an impressive performances at the Tour of Poland and Criterium International and he got overall victories at the GP Stad Zottegem, the Tirreno-Adriatico, and the Tour de Romandie. He was banned from the cycling in 2009 for two years when he was caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Dekker returned to cycling after two years and got a spot on the Garmin-Cervelo development team.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

3D Printed Bike

3D printed bike, cycling, bike

James Novak has created a really amazing 3D printed bike. Novak is an industrial designer in Australia. Novak wants to determine the extent of 3D Printing which gave him the idea of 3D Printed bike frame

The bike frame looks modern and futuristic, Novak has even designed it to fit his body proportions. He created it in 150 hours on SolidWorks over a couple of weeks. It's really amazing on what you can do with the latest manufacturing machine, 3D Printing.

3D printed bike, cycling, bike

Friday, February 27, 2015

Belgian cycling race "Grope" poster

Grope poster, cyclist groping, Peter Sagan, sex assault
This is not good for cycling, a Belgian cycling race "the E3 Harelbeke" promoting sexual assault on woman. It was reported on Belga news.  The race will be held on March 27, 2015, they have released a poster with a hostess skirt blowing up while a cyclist hand is about to grab the bottom of the woman. It is quite similar to what Peter Sagan from Slovakia did at the Tour of Flanders in 2013 in which he groped a girl while on stage.

Grope poster, cyclist groping, Peter Sagan, sex assault

Belgian Institute for Equality said that the poster violates the anti-discrimination law which prohibits any behavior which is undesirable, hostile, offensive or humiliating on the grounds of sex.

If the PR team behind the E3 Harelbeke campaign wants controversy why not use a poster with a cyclist injecting steroids.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Kit to Bring for a Long Bike Ride?

Check out a video from Global Cycling Network about the important things that you should bring for a long bike ride so that you are prepared for every eventuality.

Since you can't bring everything with you during a bike ride due to limited space of your cycling jersey pockets and saddlebag. Also, if you bring unnecessary stuff it will just add additional load. The video will talk about what you should bring and where to put it.

Important things to bring are two inner tubes, a puncture repair kit, multi tool, mobile phone in a waterproof bag, raincape, a mini pump, your wallet, and an ID with your emergency contact number.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Anti-cyclist Facebook group

Anti-cyclist Facebook group, cycling, biking, bike, road safety

Oh there's a Facebook page dedicated to cyclists by cyclists haters in New Zealand. A cyclist has tagged them as "hate page." A member encouraging other drivers to mow down cyclists on the road is not hate? The Administrators of the FB page washed their hands and said that the comments and pictures are not their doing but by their members.

They said they want to promote safe riding and for cyclists to take more responsibility and follow the rules. They only want to  highlight the percentage of idiot cyclists creating a hazard on New Zealand roads.

Well looking at the pictures, I agree with some of them.

You can check out the page here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VIDEO: Mark Cavendish Snapped at Reporter After Being Asked If Cycling is 100% Clean

Mark Cavendish, cycling, drug

Mark Cavendish a Manx professional road racing cyclist who is a member of the UCI ProTeam Etixx-Quick Step, got mad at a reporter when he was asked if Cycling is 100% drug-free. He said, "Are you 100% that one of these journalists isn't f**king your wife? Where there’s money to be gained, there’ll be the odd d*head who cheats but cycling is miles ahead of other sports when it comes to testing." "I hope everyone’s correct but with human nature, you can never be certain. But the positive that I can take is that if someone is cheating, he will be caught."

Check out the video above, watch GB sprint ace Mark Cavendish press conference.

Mark Cavendish is an advocate of a clean, drug-free sport.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Family Feud Offensive Questions About Cyclists "What is something annoying that a cyclist might do?"

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Family Feud in Australia which is a game show revival based on the U.S. hit show with of the same name has offended cyclists with their question "What is something annoying that a cyclist might do?" The top answers were "Taking driving lane", "cut you off", "everything" and "wear lycra."

Australian cyclists were outrage they hit the social media to condemn the show, with the #bikelash trending on Twitter and on the shows Facebook page most comments were negative.

Fatalities in Cycling Accidents in NY on the Rise

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In New York there is a sudden spike in cycling accidents deaths, 20 cyclists died in 2014 from 12 deaths in 2013. This caused cycling advocates to question Mayor de Blasio's administration if they are doing enough to protect cyclist. They also want protected bike lanes to solve this problem, since this will give cyclist physical buffer. Motorists are against this since they will have less traffic lanes and will have fewer parking spaces.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Study: Regular Cycling Keeps Us Young

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Have you noticed that most cyclist are physically fit and look young? There's a scientific study behind it. A new study done by scientists shows that regular cyclists aged 55 and above "had levels of physiological function that would place them at a much younger age compared to the general population." They are physically younger than most people of the same age.

The study was published in the Journal of Physiology. The research was done by King’s College London and the University of Birmingham. There were 81 male and 41 female who were studied, they undergone strict tests that monitored their lung, heart, hormonal, neuromuscular, reflexes, muscle, bone strength, oxygen uptake and metabolic functions.

According to Professor Norman Laza-rus one of the researchers, “Cycling not only keeps you mentally alert but requires the vigorous use of many of the body’s key systems, such as your muscles, heart and lungs, which you need for maintaining health.”

"Inevitably, our bodies will experience some decline with age, but staying physically active can buy you extra years of function compared to sedentary people. Cycling not only keeps you mentally alert, but requires the vigorous use of many of the body’s key systems, such as your muscles, heart and lungs which you need for maintaining health and for reducing the risks associated with numerous diseases."

So if you want to look younger than your peers start pedaling your bike or if not you can do other activity that will keep you moving like walking, running, swimming or other sports. Sedentary lifestyle is not an option if you want to maintain your health and well-being.

Look at this old guy and his crazy bike tricks! He's definitely young at heart!