Saturday, March 23, 2013

Downhill Mountain Biking

I really like downhill mountain biking, it's really exciting and fun. My favorite are rough and steep terrain where downhill bikes are faster.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swiss Cyclist gang-raped in central India

Swiss Cyclist gang-raped in central India

NEW DELHI (AP) — News in India are reporting that a Swiss tourist was gang-raped in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and that 13 men are being questioned.

Local police superintendent C. S. Solanki told the Press Trust of India that the woman and her husband had camped out for the night in a forest after bicycling from the temple town of Orchha on Friday when they were attacked by a group of eight men.

He said the couple were beaten and had their belongings stolen, and that the woman was gang-raped.

Solanki said police were questioning 13 men in connection with the attack.

India has seen outrage and protests against rape and attacks on women since the fatal gang-rape of a young woman in a moving bus in New Delhi in December.

Monday, March 11, 2013

World Naked Bike Ride 2013 San Francisco

The World Naked Bike Ride, an international demonstration against fossil fuel dependence, was held in San Francisco this weekend, they cry "Less gas, more ass" and "put the fun between your legs." It was peacefully held despite the new law prohibiting nudity.

Their website warned participants: "To be legal, you just need to barely cover your genitals and rectum. Going naked outside the main group will definitely get you cited,". "This will be a test to see how far we can push the limits."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Asian Cycling Championships 2013

Asian Cycling Championships 2013

The Asian Cycling Championships 2013 will be hosted in New Delhi at Buddh International Circuit (BIC) and IG Sports complex tomorrow March 7-17, 2013.

It is a highly prestigious event with over 600 athletes from 35 countries participating.

Having hosted the 2005 Asian Cycling Championships in Ludhiana, this is the second coming of the Mega event and this time in the national capital, New Delhi .

The tournament includes London Olympics multiple medal winner Guo Shuang of China and 2010 World Championship silver medallist Azizulhasni Awang of Malaysia.

Though the track events will be held at the IG Stadium Cycling Velodrome from March 7th-11th, the road races will be conducted at the Buddh International Circuit from March 13-17.

Last year, Hong Kong bagged six gold medals followed by China (4) and Malaysia (3).