Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Grandpa biker!

Here is another amazing story of a grandpa biker...

A grandfather is racing against the clock, cycling from Vancouver to Halifax to beat a world record and raise money for charity.

54-year-old Arvid Loewen is raising money for Kenyan orphanages.

He has to make it to Halifax by Thursday night to break the Guinness World Record of riding across Canada in 13 days, nine hours and six minutes.

It's going to be so close, Loewen didn't even sleep Wednesday night.

In fact, he can't even pull over to take a phone call.

"Well I basically don't stop now. I only stop to do a few necessities and that's about it."

Loewen had been ahead of the pace, biking 22 hours every day.

But in Saskatchewan, leg injuries almost forced him to quit.

"So I had a choice to make — either I was going to DNF [racing acronym for Did Not Finish], quit, or I was going to use up everything I had banked."

So he risked it and rested for a day.

Although he lost time, he's almost back on pace now.

He's hoping to raise $350,000 for Mully Children's Family, a charity that helps rehabilitate street children in Kenya.

He said he's already raised $250,000.

The project is called Grandpas Can and was inspired by his three grandkids.

"Grandpas can do a whole lot more than just simply love their own children, grandchildren, which they should and we all believe that, and I certainly believe that as well, but we also have an opportunity to say, you know what, we can do so much more."

To break the record, Loewen has to get to Halifax City Hall by 9:06 pm Thursday.

His assistants say that he could get there anywhere between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.


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