Sunday, March 11, 2012

Folding Bike

The best way to commute to work for me is using my bike but I also ride a train and I'm really thinking of getting a folding bike.

Here is one folding bike that I'm interested in Dahon Briza D7, it is a simple bike and has a low step-through frame that means easy mounting and a nice, comfortable upright ride.


    * Easy step-through frame and 24" wheels make this the easiest riding folding bike
    * Upright riding position puts no strain on your back
    * You can fold the bike without even picking it up!
    * Comes equipped with front and rear fenders, as well as an integrated rear rack
    * Convenient air pump built into seat post

They said that this bike feels more like a full-size bike than any of Dahon's smaller folding bikes. However, the compact folded size has the same footprint as its smaller counterparts, and can even be rolled along on its wheels when folded.


  1. I rode 'Lands End to John O' Groats' on a Dahon Espresso 26" wheel folding bike and was well impressed. I think that Dahon make some really first class folding bike products.....


    1. thanks! espresso looks impressive design wise for a folding bike, I'll try that one.

  2. Hello Mandie,

    Folding bikes seem to be the trend these days. I have two for commutes. The rise of gas prices makes me want to use the provincial bus often than riding a car. Stow the bikes below the bus compartment and ride them to the mall.

    Nice blog btw. Check out my blog too. Search "folding bike + iam3739" I have a story about fb there

    Drey Roque,

    1. cool! I'll check out your blog before buying my first folding bike

  3. The BE comes standard with painted wheels and front and rear fenders and the white/grey version has painted spokes too, giving it a very clean and classy look.

    beach Cruisers

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