Monday, May 6, 2013

Pacific Men's Exploit Mountain Bike

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If you are looking for a bargain bike that you can use to get you from point A to point B, I would suggest this bike for you. It gives you a comfortable ride and has an acceptable traction.

The bike has a steel mountain tube frame that looks tough, but also feels heavy. The handling was responsive and it has a good stability. The crank also offers a wide gear range. The Vortex front cross-country suspension fork works great specially for bumby roads and rough terrains. The 18-speed Torque drive twist shifters and rear derailleur is really good for changing gears, it is efficient.

I would suggest to change the seat for a more comfortable one. And please take note this is a cheap bike with cheap parts so expect that you will need to fix some parts more often.

If you are interested it's available on Amazon:
Pacific Men's Exploit Mountain Bike, Blue, Medium

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