Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seattle Marathon Mom Chases Down Bike Thief

A West Seattle marathon mom Sarah Tatterson, 37 refused to be victimized by a bike thief. She saw a man stealing her husband's bicycle from her open garage on June 6, 2013, while she was in a room folding clothes.

Tatterson, is a Long-distance runner and she was ready to catch the bike thief no matter how many miles it takes.

"It was on instinct, a primal instinct of justice really," said Tatterson, who continued to chase the man after he ditched the bike. "I'm running and screaming, 'Call 911. This man's trying to steal my bike,"

Tatterson describes the thief as in his late 40s, looked her straight in the eye and still continued to take off with the bike, which only angered her even more.

“At that point I was determined to get it back,” she explained. ‘I’m like, ‘Sorry buddy.’ He looked me straight in the eye and kept going with the bike which made me angry for thinking he was bigger and stronger.”

Her neighbors heard her and called the cops, and some run with her to catch the thief. About 10 blocks from her house police arrived and arrested the suspect.

During the chase, the man asked Tatterson to back off but she refused.

"My response to him was, 'Look I was going to run six miles today, but I could probably do twelve,'" she said.

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