Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man Bicycling Around the World

Man Bicycling Around the World,bike,cycling

Lai Likun, 41, of China have already pedaled 31,000 miles through four continents and nearly 25 countries as part of a five-year solo bicycle tour around the world.

Lai is a factory manager and he is now pedaling his bike in New York City. His next destination is South America and is flying to Beijing on Tuesday to straighten out his visa. Then he will head to the Pacific islands.

“It’s been my dream to bicycle around the world ever since I was 6 years old,” said Mr. Lai. He arrived in New York City in June after completing the North American leg of his tour that took about seven-month which includes Mexico and Cuba.

He started his US tour in December in New York City then Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Texas and into Mexico. From Mexico he proceeded to Cuba then re-enter Mexico to California, Nevada and Utah. He turned back east to Chicago, Detroit, Boston and back to New York.

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