Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deaf Man cycling for charity hit by a semi-truck

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ABC News reports that Jacob Landis from Maryland has been riding his bike to all 30 Major League Baseball's stadium this summer for charity. He is raising money for children with hearing loss who are otherwise unable to afford a special implant. On Saturday night, he was stuck by a tractor trailer.

"Yesterday, with less than four miles to go to the hotel, I was struck by a tractor trailer's mirror," said Landis in a statement on Sunday. "I don't remember anything that happened, until I woke up at the hospital."

A witness said that Jacob was hit by the mirror of a semi in rural Florida. The truck failed to stop and investigators believe the driver may not have even known about the accident. Landis suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose, two small cheekbone fractures and a chipped tooth. His cousin has accompanied him on the trip.

Landis was transported to Florida Hospital Heartland in Sebring by ambulance.

The 24-year-old Landis has covered more than 10,000 miles riding his bike since April 3 and has already visited 29 of the 30 MLB stadiums. Landis been advised not to ride his bike following the accident, but he still plans on attending his final scheduled game Tuesday night, when the Phillies visit the Marlins.

"I just want to thank everyone for their kind words through my Facebook account and special thanks to all of my supporters who made this ride possible," added Landis.

Landis was born with normal hearing but was deaf by age 10. He received a special implant that allowed his hearing to be fully functional. His goal was to raise $1 million with the summer-long bike ride.

You can check out Landis' ride and charity work at his Jacob's Ride Facebook page.

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