Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Having Trouble Changing Your Bikes Track Wheel?

If you can't change your bikes track wheel don't lose hope, check out Global Cycling Network new video about changing your bikes track wheels. The video shows how to change wheels on a track or fixed gear bike and how to tension the chain.


- Tools that you need for this job is two 15mm spanner.
- Start by removing the front wheel. Use the two spanner to loosen the nuts, then remove the wheel.
- Then remove the rear wheel by loosening both the nuts. You will also need to remove the chain off the sprocket.
- Put the front wheel back in, and tighten the nuts.
- Next the rear wheel, place the chain over the sprocket then push the wheel in.
- To tension the change correctly, pull the rear wheel away from the bike then tighten the nuts to hold the wheel in place. Then straighten the wheel and apply more tension if possible.

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