Monday, September 29, 2014

Important Biking Tools You Need

Check out GNC video on important biking tools that you need to own in-order to properly maintain your bike. Owning a bike also requires maintenance like owning a car. It's also fun to do some DIY bike maintenance that will not only save you money but will also broaden your understanding about your bike and will make you appreciate it more.

Some DIY maintenance that you can do is, check and adjust seat-post, replace cables, replace bar tape, check headset, check bottom bracket, replace chain, and bike cleaning.

Here are the tools that you will use frequently in maintaining your bike:

  • Tyre levers - to replace and fix the inner tube of a punctured tires.
  • Mini Pump - to pump air to your tires when you are on a road.
  • Track pump - more powerful pump to put air in your tires.
  • Multi tool - just like a swiss army knife, you'll have different tools to fix and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted in your bike.
  • Allen Keys (4, 5 & 6 mm) - most common Allen keys for your bike.
  • Cassette Tool and Chain Whip - use to remove your bike's cassette
  • chain tool - use to chain remove link and re-attached the chain when it snapped.
  • Spoke key - to make sure your wheel is running straight.
  • Cable cutters - use to replace break and gear cables.

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