Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lumo's Cycling Gear With Built-In LED Lights

Lumo's Cycling Gear, Lumo LED cycling jacket

Lumo's Cycling Gear, Lumo LED cycling jacket

At last a fashionable reflective gear for cyclists. Reflective gears are essential when cycling at night however most of the neon colored jacket and reflector stripes makes you look like a traffic cone. Now comes the UK-based Lumo which has launch of their Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to develope their fashionable line of reflective, cycling-specific, LED-powered gear.

Their jackets and bags looks ordinary with no reflective seams or bright neon colors that are not easy on the eyes, but once it gets dark you will see the rows of bright LED strips on the front and back, that are designed to be hidden. The LEDs are waterproof and can be wash by machine. It is powered by a removable USB-rechargeable battery pack which is hidden inside. The battery can last from 2 to 6 hours depending on the settings you use.

Lumo's gear includes jacket, parka, backpack, cycling cap and polo with reflective detailing. All apparel is available in women and men cuts and sizes. The Jackets start at $264, while the backpack starts at $200.

Here is their kickstarter page.

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