Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VIDEO: Mark Cavendish Snapped at Reporter After Being Asked If Cycling is 100% Clean

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Mark Cavendish a Manx professional road racing cyclist who is a member of the UCI ProTeam Etixx-Quick Step, got mad at a reporter when he was asked if Cycling is 100% drug-free. He said, "Are you 100% that one of these journalists isn't f**king your wife? Where there’s money to be gained, there’ll be the odd d*head who cheats but cycling is miles ahead of other sports when it comes to testing." "I hope everyone’s correct but with human nature, you can never be certain. But the positive that I can take is that if someone is cheating, he will be caught."

Check out the video above, watch GB sprint ace Mark Cavendish press conference.

Mark Cavendish is an advocate of a clean, drug-free sport.

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