Friday, May 29, 2015

Cycling Tires

Cycling Tires, biking, cycling

Good cycling tires can make a difference in overall performance, good tires can give you lesser weight,

faster rolling resistance and better grip than other tires. It can also give you better adhesion, anti-flat

protection and improve efficiency. The tires you choose are very important since they can affect everything from performance, to handling, and safety. However, these tires are not cheap but higher quality tires last longer and perform better.

Upgrading your tires from 23mm to 25mm or higher will give you substantial comfort, since large tires has been proven to have less rolling resistance.

Here are some of the good tires on the market today: Clement Strada LGG, Continental GP4000, Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite, Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp,  Michelin Pro4 Service Course, Continental Grand Prix 4-Season, Panaracer Gravel King, Hutchinson Fusion 3 and Vittoria Open Corsa CX.

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