Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cycling: Take Your Lane Safety Flag

Take Your Lane Safety Flag, Cycling, cycling safety, flag
Pic from takeyourlane FB page

A lot of drivers can't assess the distance between the vehicle they are driving and cyclists on the road. By having this three foot flag attached to your bike, it presents a physical representation of the three-foot safe and legal distance for drivers when passing a cyclist.

It's very dangerous on the road specially when you are dealing with aggressive drivers that don't care about the law. They will shout at you and cut you off the road. The flag also serve as additional visibility and safety.

The three foot flag can be easily attached to any bike. It has an aluminum universal mounting bracket that is connected to the bike's frame with four 70-pound tensile strength nylon ties and elastomer cushioning to protect the frame’s finish.

The bike rider can easily and quickly adjust the flag from completely horizontal (for road riding) to completely vertical (for sidewalk or trail riding) or anywhere in between in a matter of seconds.

Don't worry about the weight it only weighs at approximately 15.3 ounces or 434 grams and worth $39.95 plus shipping at

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