Friday, May 20, 2016

Bike Theft Security System That Goes Kaboom!

Bike Theft Security System, Bike Mine

Bike Theft Security System, Bike Mine
Bike chains and locks don't do much against bike thieves it just slows them down. Here's a bike security system that will scare them away. It's called Bike Mine, the world's loudest alarm and the ultimate deterrent against theft of your bicycle.

Bike Mine is a miniature bomb that you strap to your bike that will go off the second someone try to steal it. No, it will not blow up the thief together with your bike but it will give you a loud explosive sound (around 150 decibels) that will scare the crap out of the would-be thief. It uses the same kind of blanks that are commonly used in ceremonial salutes or to scare away nuisance birds.

The kit includes three “cartridges”, which are basically small shotgun shells with the pyrotechnics fully encased (without any projectiles), the mounting bracket and the trip wire.

This gonna be fun!

Creator Yannick Read is running a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture the Bike Mine.

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