Saturday, June 18, 2016

Road Bike Wheels

If you are looking for a new pair of wheels for your bike you should consider having one that is lighter to give you a lighter load specially when uphill. It should also improve aerodynamics so you can cut through air on flat roads.

If you bought an average priced bike online or at a store, it would be likely that the manufacturer paired the frame with lower quality wheels to make it more affordable. However, personally I wouldn't buy high-end wheels that cost more that the whole bike and will break my wallet. As long as the new pair of wheels offers lower weight, improved stiffness, and has a better aerodynamics I'm fine with it even-though it's not carbon.

Here's my top bicycle wheels:

Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels - the Fulcrum Racing 3s run as smoothly as if you’ve just pulled them out of the box. This is a really good product that will give you a superb performance. At 9.54 pounds, they’re light for the price, it will help you on steep hills, while the wheels lateral stiffness make them a good choice for more powerful riders. The wheels are made of Alloy. 

Road Bike Wheels, wheels,
Fulcrum Racing 3 Shimano Wheelset - Black/White $566.29

Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels - it's the most recommended wheels among cyclists who have upgraded their wheels. The new version has wider rim for improved comfort and aerodynamics. It also offers an impressive stiffness. It gives you lower rolling resistance and an improve puncture performance since it has bigger gap between the road and the edge of the rim.

The Isopulse lacing improves stability and lateral stiffness under heavy loads such as sprinting or climbing.
Road Bike Wheels, wheels,
2016 Mavic Ksyrium Elite 25 Rear Wheel Shimano $349.90

Campagnolo Zonda wheels - Campagnolo is known for their pricey groupsets, but the Italian company also offers an extensive line in wheels too. Their Zonda wheels maybe their cheapest wheels but they still maintain many of the same features as their top of the line wheels.

The Zonda also boast the famous G3 spoke pattern tha is used on the iconic Campagnolo Shamal wheels that makes power transfer instantaneous for faster acceleration. These wheels are light so if you are from stock wheels to Zonda, it will make climbing and accelerating so much easier.
Road Bike Wheels, wheels,
Campagnolo Zonda G3 Black Clincher Wheelset $525.39

LVWA Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C Wheelset - these set of wheels looks great it also offers lightweight, effcient and solid ride for an entry level road bike. Rim material is made of full carbon fiber.
Road Bike Wheels, wheels,
LVWA Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C Wheelset 50mm Clincher & Tubular $329.00

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