Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cycling: How To Fix Noisy Bike Brakes

There will be a time the brakes in your bike will make a loud, screeching, and annoying sound that will make you cringe. It may also fail to stop your bike which can lead to accidents, so it is really important to fix it immediately. If they are rim or disc brakes and they are giving an awfully noisy sound then there's probably something wrong with them. Noisy breaks are often caused by vibrations.

Watch the clip above to fix noisy, squeaking brakes.

Important tips to maintain your brakes:
- clean the rims and brake pads.
- Toe your brake pads in.
- Check Caliper and pivot bolts for tightness.

For disc brakes, check discs if they are bend if they are straighten them up or replace them. Make sure the brake pads are not worn. Make sure disc pads are free from oil.

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