Saturday, January 14, 2017

Top 3 Lightweight Disc Brakes

There are a lot of debate regarding lightweight disc brakes. Do you really need them are they essential or just a waste of money and time.

Well, either way lightweight disc brakes are becoming more and more popular. Bicycle companies are starting to release re-designed bikes that is specifically built to accommodate the additional braking power.

Speed is useless if you don't have control, which is why the faster you go the better your brakes need to be. And the best way to stop a speeding bike smoothly is with hydraulic disc brakes. So let's look at the top 3 Lightweight Disc Brakes currently on the market.

Shimano SLX M675, bike brakes

Shimano SLX M675 - offers top quality performance at a mid-range price. The levers are broad, deeply crooked and get extra grip dimples and it has a big reach adjuster dial on the knuckle.

It has the "Ice Technology" that significantly reduces heat build-up in the brake system . It has an updated lever/piston pivot with ServoWave mechanism to connect to the master cylinder, which means better pad clearance for quieter, cleaner running, as well as increased power at the contact point. The 2-finger tool-free reach/free-stroke adjustable lever blade give better ergonomics and increased power.

Formula R1 Disc Brake, bike brakes

Formula R1 Disc Brake - it is one of the lightest serial disc brake on the market today. Custom tuning can bring down the stock weight of 298 grams by further 16 grams. Despite being lightweight it can give more than enough power and performance for an All Mountain or Enduro use. The forged master cylinder body and caliper provide increased modulation, braking power and durability, while the R1’s patented caliper piston system increases fluid capacity in the caliper providing stability and fade resistance even on long descents.

 SRAM Guide RSC S4, bike brakes

SRAM Guide RSC S4 - this is a very expensive piece of equipment but latest updates make them unbeatable for outstandingly consistent braking. It gives you power, consistency, and modulation. The S4 caliper has a fuss-free bleed port and a redesigned fluid path within the caliper to aid oil flow and banish bubbles too. The weight is just average.

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