Friday, July 14, 2017

High Speed Electric Mobility Scooter

scooter, fold-able scooter, high speed mobility scooter

scooter, fold-able scooter, high speed mobility scooter

scooter, fold-able scooter, high speed mobility scooter

scooter, fold-able scooter, high speed mobility scooter

scooter, fold-able scooter, high speed mobility scooter

eByke Folding Electric Bike/Scooter 15 MPH Max Speed 22-25 Miles Range, E15 $799.00
Hover-1 Folding Electric Scooter And Urban E-Bike, Electric Bike With 20 MPH Speed, 22-Mile Range $799.00
Robstep X1 Electric Bike Folding Scooter Ebike, Portable, Lightweight, Quick Charge Battery, Bluetooth Speakers $499.99

The AK1 high speed electric mobility scooter is really high-tech it would really impress your friends and co-workers. It's great for traveling small distances, if you don't like to walk. It is very stylish with futuristic design. The surprising feature of this scooter is it automatically folds by itself. There's a button to automatically fold the scooter, the makers said that the idea was inspired by the movie Transformers, in which cars effortlessly change shapes.

The scooter weighs 22kg and since it can be folded to half its size, it is easy to carry with you and can fit in your car trunk with a lot of space to spare. It is powered by a 350W electric motor that can give you a maximum speed of 30Km/h not bad for a scooter that size. It is also equipped with gears that allow you to choose your riding style that matches the terrain and your riding skills.

The AK1 scooter has 12 inch tires with front shock absorber that's useful to have a pleasurable ride on any road condition. It also has a large leather seat for comfort. It is also equipped with front and rear double disc brakes to give your the breaking power you need to keep your safe.

According to the manufacturer it has a strong body frame and can carry two (2) passengers easily and safely. It also comes with a remote control to lock and unlock the scooter for theft deterrent. If it's on lock mode and someone touches the scooter an alarm will go off and it will lock the motor automatically. The battery cannot be removed once the scooter is locked that makes it virtually theft-proof.

It is also equipped with a luminous LCD dashboard to give the rider information like speed, range, battery life and others. There's also a USB charging port below the dashboard. It has Bluetooth capability. The headlights is really bright so you won't have problems traveling at night. The rear lights is also bright giving the rider the visibility it needs for traveling safely at night.

The scooter can travel a distance of about 45KM on a fully charged battery. The battery can be easily removed, for an easy and safe charging. It has the space for two (2) batteries if you want to double the range that it can travel.

It's small, mobile, fold-able scooter what can you ask for? My only worry is how sturdy it is specially the seat since it doesn't have a post to support the weight of the rider.

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