Thursday, September 7, 2017

Livall BH51 Robocop Inspired Bike Helmet

Livall BH51 bike helmet, bike helmet, cycling helmet
Livall BH51 bike helmet, bike helmet, cycling helmet

Livall's newest smart cycling helmet looks very similar to the helmet worn by "Robocop." The Livall's BH51 is designed specifically for riders who want a safe and stylish head gear. The Livall's BH51 was unveiled at IFA 2017. It is designed to give your head the best protection possible. It also has an awesome safety feature which is a strip of bright red LEDs on the back it light up every time you break or turn.

The helmet can also be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth, you can take calls or play music directly from the helmet. The stereo speakers uses bone conduction technology, this allow you to enjoy the music and at the same time pay attention to the outside world simultaneously.

The BH51 will be available in willow green, graphite black, sandstone grey, and misty blue. The company said the BH51 will be available on its online store and Amazon in November for $150.

The BH51M helmet has also picked up awards at #IFA2017 and the #eurobike2017 awards

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