Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rearview Bike Camera: Is it really helpful?

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From time to time I see bikes with a new gadget attached to its back, the Rearview Bike Camera. Its main purpose is to have an eye at your back and avoid being hit by drivers who decides plough into your lane.

I have decided to buy myself one and I think it's a great $179.99 investment specially because it's for my safety. The camera increases your awareness and you can monitor vehicles approaching at your back without turning your head that may cause you to lose control of your bike.

It also increases visibility at night since it is equipt with LEDs that turns on automatically in low light conditions.

Or if you want a cheaper alternative you can also just opt to have a Bike mirror it's just $13.46 on

OWL 360 Rear View Video Camera  Price:     $179.99  
Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror $13.46

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