Thursday, January 9, 2014

Charge your Smartphone While Cycling

Charge your Smartphone While Cycling, bicycle, cycling, smartphone

Samsung the biggest manufacturer of smartphones band together with "Trek" manufacturer of high end bicycle to come up with a prototype bicycle that has the ability to charge you Samsung Galaxy Smartphone while in motion.

The prototype bicycle has a dock for your Samsung Galaxy Gear smart-watch and another with  a dock for your smartphone. While the bicycle is in motion it will charge your smartphone, so if you are running low on power for your smartphone and you are on your way to work on your bike, you can just place your smartphone in the dock and the bike will charge it while you are pedaling your way to work.

Using a Galaxy Note 3 or from a Galaxy Gear the rider can connect to the bike frame-integrated sensor to monitor the speed and distance.

There are no information yet if this will go into production, I hope it does.

Check the clip below and check out the creepy dude in gray coat he's behind a female model and he's doing something with his hands. :)

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