Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beer Flavor Energy Gel

Energy gels are carbohydrate gels that are very essential for cyclists, they provide energy and promote recovery, very quickly. Energy gels are used in endurance sports like running, cycling, and triathlons. Energy gels are also called endurance gels, sports gels, nutritional gels, and carbohydrate gels.

They are packaged small and in single serve so that they are portable and easy to carry. Each pack has a strip with a small notch at the top that can be peeled off to reveal an opening through which the gel can be consumed.

How does it help the athletes? When they consume energy gels the carbohydrates will be absorbed by the blood which in turn supplies the body with calories and nutrients to fuel activity by delaying muscular fatigue, raise blood sugar levels, and enhance performance.

Energy Gels contain mostly sugars and maltodextrins, they don't have fat, fiber, or protein, so they can be digested quickly.

Usually they are fruit flavored but GCN takes it to another level by creating a beer flavored Energy Gel! A lot of beer drinkers would love this one.

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