Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flex Electric Folding bike

Flex Electric Folding bike, electric bike, folding bike

Flex Electric Folding bike, electric bike, folding bike

E-bikes and folding bikes have already been in the market for some time now and you can see them everywhere in the city. However, an E-bike that can be folded is something new to me. Revelo an electric bike company based in Toronto, Canada has combined the power of an e-bike and the portability of a folding bike in one. It is called Flex, an electric bike that can be folded to 60 by 80 centimetres that can be fitted in a suitcase. It can also fit in a trunk of a small car.

Revelo founder Henry Chong said, "Flex is designed to highlight the potential and joy of personal electric travel,” “It’s almost like flying by on a chair", Chong added. “Rather than shrinking a bike and putting a motor on it, we took a fresh approach to the ride platform.”

Flex has a Dual Mode Crank (DMC) which allows two ways to ride. Dual Mode Crank (DMC) allows the rider to dynamically alternate from a cruising position to active pedaling. Activating the pedaling mode is great when you are climbing hills. DMC also allows the crank arms to float independently which makes steering feel more fluid and allows the feet to absorb road irregularities.

The FLEX is designed for transportation and not intended to be used as a bicycle without electricity.

The bike is powered by a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. One hour charging time will give you 10 kms. When the battery is fully depleted charging time is 3-5 hours.

Flex, though an electric bike is extremely lightweight at 15 kg/33 lbs but heavy on the wallet at $1,298 on


Weight:    12.1 kg (26.7 lb) without battery
Frame and Fork:    Heat treated aluminum for lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance
Range:    30 km (20 mi) on a single charge
Speed:    Top speed up to 28 km/h
Battery: 2.8 kg (6.3 lb), 36V 10aH, Samsung Lithium. Over 1000 full recharge cycles (4 to 5 years of average use)*
Motor:  Rear mounted 250W High torque brushless geared
Front drive:  Chainless Patented Revelo Dual Mode Crank (DMC) for cruising or pedaling modes
Front wheel:  20" Freewheeling clutch hub with aluminum rim
Saddle:  Comfort base with spring suspension
Open Dimensions:  45.5" x 39" x 15" (116 x 100 x 38 cm)
Stowed Dimensions:  1’ x 2’ x 2.5’ (30 x 60 x 80 cm) footprint
Suitcase Dimensions:  20" x 30" x 11" (50 x 76 x 28 cm)
Brakes:  Powerful front and rear v-brakes with electronic cut off alloy levers
Rider Height:  4’ 11” (150 cm) up to 6' 4" (193 cm)
Max. Rider Weight:  220 lbs (100 kgs)

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