Monday, December 14, 2015

Medical Doctors in UAE Promotes the Benefits of Cycling

ABU DHABI, UAE -  On January 12 UAE will have their National’s second Cycle to Work day and to promote it, doctors reveal how cycling benefits your mind and body.

According to a reseach don by University of Sydney, people who ride a bike to their work are happier and have a better quality of life than those who drive, walk, or use public transportation.

Srividya Iyer, head of physiotherapy at Burjeel Hospital, said medical research supported the findings this findings:

“Cycling on a regular basis has many short-term and long-term health benefits such as preventing obesity, cardiovascular disease and, in some cases, Type 2 diabetes.”

“When you cycle, your level of stress hormones is reduced and this makes you less anxious.

“Cycling can be used to improve one’s strength as well as the fitness level of the heart.”

Srividya Iyer is a cycle enthusiast and have been cycling for 2 years. Srividya also said that regular cycling promotes the formation of new synapses between nerve cells. The more new synapses are formed, the faster a person can think, react or solve problems. This also improve the memory.

Adam Griffin, a senior occupational therapist at Camali Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City, said cycling should be part of a weekly routine.

“In one case, this was a jump-start to a healthier, more active lifestyle, which resulted in greater focus in the classroom and improved communication and connection between parent and child.”


~ if more and more people cycle to work, people will become more healthy, it will lessen obesity, it will lessen pollution, it will lessen traffic, it will also help you save more money. The government should support cycling to work initiative.  

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