Friday, December 18, 2015

Tour of Costa Rica cycling Race Accident

Costa Rica cycling Race Accident, cycling accident

Costa Rica cycling Race Accident, cycling accident

The Tour of Costa Rica cycling race turned bloody when a taxi swerved in front of hundreds of cyclists taking part of the race.

The taxi driver who's probably the worst taxi driver in the world is named as Wilberth Arce, he was seen driving his red taxi down the road ahead of the cyclists.

There's a woman that was not seen in the camera saying "That is the stupidest taxi driver." Since the taxi was on the road that is closed.

Then the taxi driver due to sheer stupidity tried to turn left blocking the path of the rushing cyclists. Three cyclists failed to brake in time and was seen crashing into the car.

The organizers of the race are calling for the taxi driver to be prosecuted for his carelessness.

Costa Rican cyclist Nieves Carrasco won the first stage of the Tour of Costa Rica, an 11-stage event that traverses the country and ends on Christmas Day in Heredia.

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